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Why Your Engagement or Wedding Ring Should be Antique


Over the years, antiques have become increasingly sought after and appreciated and as seasonal trends change and new trends emerge, we begin to think differently about our tastes and what really sticks with us no matter the season. Value plays a huge part in the selection process of an engagement or wedding ring; we want something that represents good value now, and something that may even be worth more in the future.

It’s Unique To You!

If you enjoy being individual with your style then you should consider an antique piece of jewellery, because it can be guaranteed that no one will have the same ring as you.

Antique jewellery is so vast and varied with its creation date that your ring may have been created over hundreds of years ago and will have been unique to its period in time.

This should be a time in your life that you should thoroughly enjoy trying on different style of rings, different gems, cuts, shapes and colours.


Find What’s Right For You

Take some time to research the type of ring you want, from there your options are clearer and you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re looking for.

Antique rings are incredibly unique, so it’s advised that you really delve into those finer details of the ring to appreciate the entire piece, as you may discover something about it that at first you never noticed which may be the selling point.

Diamonds, You Wonder?

Diamonds can definitely become your best friend; Antique rings hold brilliant diamonds and unlike modern diamonds, they aren’t perfect and hold huge amounts of character.

Because they’re not perfect, they’re cuts are less precise and have many facets that glow and gleam off soft lights, making your ring really stand out and become its own.

Antique 18Ct Yellow Gold & Platinum Diamond Three-Stone Ring

They’re Full of History

However what really makes antique rings special is their history, where has it been? Who has worn it on their hand?

These little wonders are what make them ever more wonderful. Remember that, antique jewellery has more than likely been passed down through families, so they’re rich with history.

Some antique rings may come with certification, which will give you a lot of information about the ring, but don’t worry if it doesn’t have certification, experienced jewellers and gemologists (like our team at Jollys Jewellers) should be able to estimate its date of creation.

Your ring should reflect you, and antique rings have huge amounts of charm and personality that you’re sure to find one that suits you.

If you’re thinking of investing in an antique engagement or wedding ring, we have a brilliant collection waiting to be discovered.