We’re Now A Member Of The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ)

At Jollys Jewellers, we pride ourselves on our name and strive to offer the best service we can. To back this up, we’re now members of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) and abide by their Code of Conduct.

What Is The National Association Of Jewellers?

The National Association of Jewellers is a professional membership body which represents over 2000 jewellers across the world to help ensure it’s members meet their strict code of conduct in order to remain a member. 

As an NAJ member, we’re required to abide by their code of conduct which is based on honesty, integrity and professionalism. This was important to us as we strive to offer the best possible jewellery service both online and in-store. Being a proud member of the NAJ reflects upon the hard work we do to ensure every customer leaves satisfied and feeling valued.

What Does This Mean For Potential Customers?

Potential customers can take satisfaction in knowing when purchasing from an NAJ member, they meet the highest standards of professionalism within the industry. 

The reason for the strict code of conduct is to inspire confidence within a potential customer knowing the item they’re purchasing has been valued correctly, the item has been maintained properly and there is transparency throughout the sales process both online and in-store.

We bear this mark of quality to ensure when shopping with Jollys Jewellers, our customers know we’re experienced, strive for ethical standards and trust whilst always trying to improve. 

If you would like more information about the NAJ and what it means for you, please feel free to follow this link to learn more https://www.naj.co.uk