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Watch Guide: Rolex

1st November 2018

If you find yourself thinking about purchasing a new Watch and Rolex comes to mind, we’ve put together a simple guide and a small selection of models we have in-store, as well as how to start your buying research and little about the Rolex brand in case you’re new to the world of Watches.

The start of it all

Rolex. It’s a word that resonates with people across the globe and since 1905 the brand has been producing fine, high-end watches that some people only dream of wearing. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf, his vision was to revolutionise the way in which time was told. Hans wanted a timepiece that was not only useful but undeniably stylish.

Rolex was never going to be your average watch brand. They were going to be different. Precise. An important element that became the driving force behind the excellence that Rolex still stands for in the modern day.

By marrying chronometric precision and pure dedication the brand was awarded the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision in 1910, an outstanding rating that would contribute to the ongoing success of the business.

As the brand continued to receive high accolades and prove themselves to be outstanding watch makers, the business moved from London to Geneva, a city known for its high-quality craftsmanship in watch making.

Over time Rolex would become the inventors behind the “world’s first self-winding mechanism” an element that you would discover in every automatic watch owned in the modern world.

More than just a Watch

When it comes to Rolex, each piece has a meaning and an origin. This makes each individual watch type unique, allowing customers to become part of the story and history of the watch’s journey.

For Rolex, it all started with the “Oyster” the name given to the first waterproof watch. With this, Rolex seeked out a challenge to prove to all those who doubted the watch’s true potential by providing a piece to Mercedes Gleitze, who in 1927 would swim the English Channel for 10 hours, in which her Rolex Oyster reminded perfect in every way.

This lead way for 13 other popular models that Rolex would create and release to the world. With each model came a story, success.

Rolex for Her

Vintage Steel and Gold Rolex Ladies Datejust Watch 1998

Vintage Steel & Gold Rolex Ladies Datejust Watch 68273 – 1988 Perfect Condition

One of the many popular models Rolex produces is The Datejust. This was one of the first models in which the date function could chance automatically. It continues to be widely popular and when married with a stunning design and finish, it becomes more than an accessory.

If you’re looking for a Rolex Watch that has style and class, although we could include every model, this particular piece is spilling with history; it’s a vintage piece and is in perfect condition.

The piece is dated from 1988 making it a brilliant collector’s piece. The design has been crafted to blend steel and gold together in a classic but attractive finish.

The clasp is simple to adjust and put on without compromising on comfort. This Watch is a simple yet elegant stand out piece, as Rolex watches are all one of a kind, you will definitely turn heads with this piece.

Vintage 18Carat Gold Rolex Ladies Cellini Watch 1995

Vintage 18Carat Gold Rolex Ladies Cellini Watch 4084 – 1995 Perfect Condition

Our second piece is also Vintage, 18 Carat Gold Watch. You may notice the word Cellini, this is another of Rolex’s popular models which is more of a dress watch, so perfect for a formal occasion. What is interesting about this particular piece is the watch face.

The Cellini is well recognised for its use of Roman numerals, however in this piece, the watch face has been left as clear and contemporary as it can get.

The face has been decorated with a Diamond Dial, so you can still tell the time with ease – and style. For woman who want an absolute showstopper, the Rolex Ladies Cellini Watch 4048 is the meaning of elegance. The burgundy leather strap is also easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Rolex for Him

Rolex Datejust Steel and 18Carat Gold, Chocolate Dial Watch 2010

Rolex Datejust Steel & 18K 36mm 116233 Chocolate Dial 2010 – Perfect Condition

The Rolex Datejust isn’t only exclusive to women; there are a huge variety of men’s Datejust watches available. This particular piece has some incredibly unique features, one of which is the Chocolate Dial.

The chocolate dial is a distinct feature people may think of when they think about a Rolex Watch. It’s a deep, warm and attractive colour which only adds to the Watch’s classic appearance. Decorated with gold numbers so not to tarnish the face, this watch is perfect for day and night.

As this piece is a Datejust model is also features the ever-popular date display at the 3 o’clock mark and is full adjustable. The slick precision of this model is second to none in both the men’s and ladies ranges.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Black Dial 2010

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 Black Dial 2010 – Perfect Condition

The Cosmograph Daytona model was introduced back in 1963 and was created specifically for professional racing drivers as the individual features on the face of the watch allowed for the drivers to perfectly measure average speeds. Its perplexing yet precise design makes it one-of-a-kind and a perfect gift for motor sport fans.

Our Rolex Cosmograph Daytona piece features a round watch shape and stainless steel case and strap, making it comfortable to wear but also extremely durable.

The black dial give the overall design a striking watch face which highlights the designs key features that makes this particular model a great one.

Rolex Buying Guide

If you’re looking for purchase your first Rolex Watch, perhaps as an investment or gift, it’s always worth doing a little research before you commit to a purchase. Rolex Watch’s are always in demand and therefore aren’t cheap either.

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you dive into the world of Rolex.

Why Rolex?

Why not Rolex? Of course there are other Watch makers out there, but Rolex has long been a distinct brand that has held its reputation throughout time (pardon the pun). As a buyer, you can have confidence that what you’re buying is high-end and most likely worth every penny.

If you’re not sure, do some research. If you can’t justify the price of a certain item, then it’s simply not for you. Of course if you’re an avid Watch collector, then you may well appreciate the value of a Rolex watch and the decision will be an easy one.

Do you want a New Rolex Watch or a Second-Hand Rolex?


Be prepared to spend some cash if you’re going to purchase a brand new Rolex Watch. Although some may think that second-hand Rolex watches are just as expensive, there comes other wealth with second-hand watches, which I will discuss further on.

With new Rolex Watches you’re buying the reassurance that it’s yours and has only ever been yours and that you will be the one to create and implement the history into the watch, which many people want to experience.

Of course by buying a modern Rolex Watch you’re buying the longevity of the product as well, as with some vintage pieces, they may not be in as perfect condition as a new Rolex would be.


If you’re torn between new and second-hand, then the price might be somewhere to start. If you have a particular model in mind, take a look around multiple shops to find what kinds of prices they start at.

This will help you identify the cheapest and priciest, in which you might go for the middle price, as the piece might be in better condition than others but wont’ break the bank.

One of the biggest reasons people may prefer second-hand over new is the history but also value that comes with it. Many guides and blogs out there will suggest that Vintage pieces hold their value better than brand new pieces and so an investor or collector may well be drawn to second-hand pieces for this very reason.

Browse for your perfect watch today! Here at Jollys Jewellers we have a range of New and Second-hand Branded Watches that are perfect for investors, collectors or those who simply want to treat someone special – or themselves!

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