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London Fashion Week Jewellery Trends 2015

London fashion week, one of the fashion world’s most major global events and certainly the biggest in the UK, is now over for another year. As always, a number of interesting trends were on display which look set to define the Spring/Summer 2016 season. Some of the key styles seen on London’s catwalks were:

Bright and Bold


Much of the apparel on display, including accessories, was very much of the bright and bold variety.

This trend was not universal, but it was widespread. Many clothes on offer were very vibrant indeed, and some of the more noteworthy items to adorn the models included sharp acid shades of yellow and deep, fluorescent pinks.

Much of the jewellery also followed this trend. Strongly-coloured gemstones were very much in evidence, as they have been at other recent fashion events such as last month’s New York Fashion Week. Many pieces used size as well as colour to make themselves stand out, with large, chunky earrings having a strong showing.

Say it With Flowers


Another evident trend was for flowers.

Tying in with the taste for the bold, bright and beautiful, many items of clothing used brash floral prints in stark, near-clashing colours.

Others took a more muted approach with subtler, less colourful floral designs.

Once again, this is a trend which was seen in jewellery as well as in clothing. A number of pieces used floral shapes, and once again some chose to be as bright as any real-life flower while others chose clear and pale-coloured gems to create more muted floral designs.

Neo Deco


This year’s event showed something of an art deco revival, at least for jewellery.

There was no real mirror for this trend in clothing, but for the jewellery collections on display it is fair to say this was among the defining trends of this year’s show. Many pieces had a classic, ’30s-esque look with a distinctly art deco flavour.

Some would have been at home on some starlet from the Golden Age of Hollywood, while others were more modern in flavour but still had a definite deco influence.

Examples could be seen from a number of designers and encompassing many different kinds of jewellery; necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more.

Arts and Crafts

One of the more interesting clothing trends on display was embodied by a number of pieces designed with a “make do and mend” mentality in mind.

A number of items on display went for a patchwork, even haphazard look – or at least a carefully calculated imitation of haphazardness. Visible, rough stitching and a patching together of multiple colours and fabrics helped the likes of Christopher Raeburn and Marques Almeida to create items that look like they have just emerged from the sewing machine of some home craft genius who had been handed a box of offcuts and told to get to work.