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How to Keep Jewellery Safe When Travelling

We all want to take our favourite jewellery pieces with us when we go on holiday – but do you know the best way of packing them? Or what you should take or leave at home? Here’s some of the best advice we’ve discovered that will make your holiday a breeze.


Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Jewellery you wear day to day might not be suitable to take on holiday with you, precious and expensive items such as engagement, wedding rings or jewellery that has sentimental value may be best staying at home to avoid any damage or getting lost. However if you really can’t leave without it, make sure you have special insurance which will protect your jewellery when you’re travelling.

When deciding what jewellery you wish to take with you, having your outfits laid out will make it much easier to pick key pieces that you can mix and match with multiple outfits – ensuring you have enough accessories and keeping the weight of your case down. Depending on the location and activities you may have planned over your holiday, picking a small selection of neutral and statement pieces will ensure you have plenty of choice.

To ensure complete safety over your jewellery, making a list of all items and taking a picture will prove useful if your luggage is lost or stolen.


Pack Like a Pro

Once you’ve decided what you’re taking with you, there are many ways to pack them, if you’re looking for a way to keep all your jewellery together, purchasing special jewellery travel cases are perfect and have all the necessary compartments and ways of keeping necklaces from tangling up with each other. They come in all types of sizes making it easy to carry in your hand luggage if you want to keep them out of your case.

Having a jewellery case however isn’t the only way to pack your jewellery safely; there are some quirky ways to keep your jewellery together at the fraction of the cost. Containers such as daily pill boxes are perfect for smaller jewellery and even wrapping jewellery in a rolled up towel can help to prevent jewellery from going missing.

Stud earrings for example can be held together by putting them through buttons – this will keep them in their pairs making them easier to find. If you have hooped or drop earrings, using sealed food bags is a safe way to keep them contained.

Rings don’t take up much space and can all be placed in a sealed bag or small bag to keep them together or if you’re taking a spare watch, placing your rings through the watch strap and closing the watch strap is another unique way to keep rings from getting lost.

Necklaces can be a pain when travelling, one minute they’re ready to wear the next they’re tangled and knotted which can badly damage your necklaces. A unique way of packaging necklaces is by threading them through drinking straws – as they’re individually packed they can’t get mixed up.


By The Pool and Sea

It can be tempting to wear jewellery throughout the day when on holiday, however if you’re wearing precious gems and stones be careful when applying sun cream as this can take the shine away from your gemstones and leave them dull. If this happens, clean them gently with mild soap and warm water. The best advice we can give, is take your jewellery off before you head out – it can be easy to lose an earring or ring in the swimming pool or in the sea but also the water can end up tarnishing your jewellery.

Most Importantly

Enjoy your holiday! It’s a time to relax – not worry about lost jewellery, only take what you really need to avoid unwanted stress.