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4 Aisle Worthy Bridal Trends of 2017

When it comes to choosing your bridal jewellery, what’s on trend? Keep reading to find out!


There’s quite a list this spring/summer for what’s trendy when it comes to earrings, there is so many styles that are coming back (and those that never left) that are a must have for your wedding day.

Statement Earrings

If you’ve chosen a dress that has a low neck line and exposes the neck and shoulder area then statement or chandelier earrings are definitely one to try on. These big beautiful earrings will give your outfit a huge burst of WOW and enhance facial features. Even if you’re having your hair down on the big day, rather than having small stud earrings that may get lost, big statement earrings will still be on show and help to put an outfit together, without having to go over the top on other accessories.

Sterling silver simulated diamond drop stud earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoops Earrings have been on-going trend for some time now and it doesn’t look like they’re leaving any time soon! As the style develops there are so many different options when it comes to choosing hoop earrings, some are very delicate, whilst others may be chunky, either way, both styles are in and look beautiful when put together right.

White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings


Cocktail Rings

You can never go wrong with a cocktail ring, just one will do and you can go as bold as you want! Choose a ring that will compliment your accessories; such as your clutch or opt for a pop of colour if you’re after something less traditional. There are so many styles of cocktail rings; you’re really spoiled for choice. Experiment and see what style suits you.

Antique 18ct Diamond Marquise Cluster Ring

Coloured Gemstones

As we mentioned about adding a pop of colour – Coloured gemstones are in! You cannot deny a beautiful topaz, sapphire or emerald ring is simply mesmerising and if you’ve chosen a traditional diamond engagement / wedding ring then adding a spot of colour into your bridal jewellery can make things a little more interesting and of course fun!

There are so many gemstones to choose from, it may be difficult to make a decision. If you’re after something blue (pardon the pun) we recommend discovering the Tanzanite or of course the Sapphire. Other blue gemstones include the Blue Topaz which has a few wonderful shades to choose from.

Tickled pink? Explore gemstones such as the Pink Topaz, Ruby, Pink Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline. These are just a few to name but there are so many colours to discover.

Row of Gemstone Rings, Tanzanite, Pink Topaz and Sapphire

Gemstone Rings, Left to Right: Platinum Tanzanite Ring, Pink Topaz Ring, Antique Sapphire & Diamond Ring, Pink Sapphire Ring



The classic pearl is a delicate feature that looks beautiful on exposed necklines and shoulders, allowing it to sit nicely on the collar bone; it can be a wonderful feature, without taking over the show. There’s many different ways to incorporate pearls, they really are a classic choice if you’re after something classic and traditional, but with a vintage touch.

18ct White Gold, Peach Pearl Pendant and Bead Necklace


If you want something really delicate with a subtle amount of detail, the pendant is for you. These suit nicely with most necklines and will lie beautifully, regardless of the length, short or long the pendant is the main attraction, pair with a slim silver chain and you can even wear it after your wedding day.

The pendant itself can be a simple gemstone that’s surrounded with subtle accents that give a little more detail without being over the top. Or if you’re looking for something different, a Knot Pendant is a beautiful design and is used on a huge range of jewellery items such as rings and earrings, so you can even pair your jewellery up to bring it all together.

Blue Topaz Pendant and Floral Pandora Pendant

Left to Right: Topaz and Diamond Pendant, Pandora Silver Floral Pendant

Rose Gold

Rose Gold was a trendsetter for bridal jewellery last year and has done it again this year. It’s a beautiful metal with a colour that oozes romance. If you’ve chosen a traditional white wedding dress, Rose Gold can add some wonderful accents to your outfit. If your engagement or wedding ring is made from Rose Gold, we recommend paring it with some beautiful Rose Gold Earrings, bracelet or even a Rose Gold Brooch.

These small jewellery accents really give your bridal outfit a colour theme, tying it all in together. Rose Gold is easy to pair other neutral colours, so it’s a perfect choice for the big day.

Vintage 9ct Yellow and Rose Gold Pearl Brooch

Is your big day coming up? Explore our beautiful Vintage, Antique and New jewellery, with a wonderful range of engagement and wedding rings and accessories.