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The Tanzanite Gemstone


The Tanzanite is an incredible stone that has a purple and blue appearance. The stone itself is a form on Ziosite which is a mineral found on metamorphic and pegmatitic rock.

What’s interesting about the Tanzanite is it can only be found in one single place on earth – Northern Tanzania, which was actually discovered quite recently in 1967, if you compare this to other gemstones such as the Diamond which was first sourced around 1000 years ago.

Although Local workers in Tanzania discovered the Tanzanite, the name was given by Tiffany and Company to honour the country it was found in as well as making the name more commercially appealing.

Since the 1960’s after the Tanzanite was discovered it has slowly become a very popular gemstone that people want to wear and admire. Its popularity is mainly down to the works of Tiffany and Co. who have promoted the stone since its discovery. In fact, the Tanzanite has steadily made its mark as the second most popular blue gemstone, competing against the ever famous Sapphire.

As the Tanzanite can only be sourced from a single location it makes the Tanzanite a fairly rare gemstone to own due to limited supply. Due to the rarity of the Tanzanite you would expect any jewellery that includes the stone to be extremely expensive, however this isn’t the case and actually you can own a piece of Tanzanite for less than what a Diamond piece may cost.

18ct White Gold AAA Tanzanite Diamond Cluster Ring

Tanzanite Colours

You may be surprised to learn that at first, the Tanzanite is some-what transparent. Transparent crystals of Blue Ziosite would have been the first stage of the Tanzanite to be found. As this caught the interest of many, it was later discovered through lab testing that by heating the transparent blue Ziosite gemstone, it would cause the structure of the stone to turn blue.

There are cases where a Tanzanite gem has turned blue naturally, through the heat of ‘metamorphism’. If you are purchasing a Tanzanite from any jewellery store, it’s always worth finding out if the stone has been treated manually or naturally.

Tanzanite Birthstone

Are you a December baby? Lucky you! Your December birthstone is the wonderful Tanzanite, alongside several other birthstones which are the; Blue Topaz, Zircon and Turquoise.

If you’re in love with the Tanzanite gemstone and want to wear it every day, all day then you may want to take care! The Tanzanite ranks between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is quite sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. If you compare this to a Diamond which is 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, the Tanzanite is a delicate stone which can be worn and enjoyed but needs care and attention to keep it looking like new.

Don’t let this stop you from purchasing a Tanzanite jewellery piece, especially if you’re celebrating your 24th wedding anniversary, as the Tanzanite has become a traditional stone to give for this milestone.

18ct White Gold AAA Tanzanite Diamond Ring

Spiritual & Healing Properties of the Tanzanite

If you treasure gemstones for their healing properties, the Tanzanite has been described as ‘one of the most valuable of all the metaphysical crystals for spiritual exploration’. Its healing energy can strengthen immune systems and improve your vitality.

If you’re feeling tired and stressed, the Tanzanite can help calm nerves, relieve headaches and overall bring your body to a calm, restful state which can help with meditation. Simply holding a Tanzanite stone can help to sooth any worries whilst you meditate.

In terms of star signs, the Tanzanite is connected to the zodiac signs of the Aries and Pisces.

Tanzanite Quick Facts

  • The Tanzanite can also be purchased in colours Brown, Pink and Green.
  • The Tanzanite was formed an incredible 585 million years ago!
  • Alongside its healing properties, the Tanzanite is said to bring luck and prosperity.
  • 2017 marked the 50th birthday for the Tanzanite.
  • It’s rumoured the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace in Titanic, was in fact a Tanzanite.

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