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Symbolic Jewellery you should wear this Halloween


Halloween is coming. So although you might be thinking about what you’re going to be wearing this Halloween, you should also consider what jewellery you’re going to wear! Here’s 6 pieces of Symbolic Jewellery you can wear this Halloween – and beyond.


The Pentagram is a 5 pointed star. It might look quite familiar, but the origins of this symbol are fascinating. Each point of the Pentagram represents a different element: earth, air, fire and water. Once these elements come together, it’s said to strengthen your connect with the earth.

When the Pentagram is upright, it’s believed to provide protection against evil and shield those who create the symbol at their home.

The Pentagram to many is a symbol of magic, both good and evil. The evil representations of the Pentagram will show the star pointing down and within a circle, which had connections with pagans and the dark side.

Silver Pentagram Signet Ring


The Serpent is a fascinating symbol that has continued to appear through time, not only in history books but also in pop culture, with the Serpent being a key symbol in the Harry Potter franchise. What’s interesting about the Serpent, is that it doesn’t just represent death and fear that many of us might suspect, but also wisdom and fertility.

Vintage Sterling Silver Garnet Snake Band


If you want mystic, magic and wonder this Halloween and want something a little more subtle, the Lapis is a gorgeous gemstone that has carries wonder and wisdom throughout its existence. The deep blue’s of the Lapis alone will have you mesmerised.

When worn, the Lapis is said to bring truth, insight and spiritual evolution. It can also be effective when worn during meditation.

Why wear the Lapis for Halloween? It’s a favourite among Witches, who incorporate Lapis into their daily routine to open the third eye, attract a loved one and protect them from evil.

Vintage 9Carat Yellow Gold, Lapis Solitaire Ring

Moon and stars

The Moon and Stars are a iconic symbol of magic and wisdom and the crescent moon in particular has many symbolic messages married to it. For over 30,000 years a crescent moon has represented power and in the times of ancient Egypt the crescent moon was a symbol of the great goddesses: Isis and Hathor.

If you’re a Taurus, the crescent moon can be seen in your constellation!

There are however, many other symbols that use the moon and stars, many of which were used by Pagans who believed the moon symbolised new beginnings. If you fancy doing some magic, pagans suggest waiting for a full moon – ahooooo!

Sterling Silver Sun and Moon Drop Earrings


If the thought of spiders makes you shudder, maybe stay in this Halloween. Spiders are a main symbol within Halloween as they represent fear and are closely associated with Witches, graveyards and scary, creepy abandoned places.

If spiders don’t give you the creeps, add them to your jewellery collection! They make interesting brooch pieces and even charms.

Sterling Silver Spiders Web Charm with Spider


Clowns. Not one of our favourites and when you bring clowns and Halloween together, it’s terrifying! There have been many blogs and articles published on why people are afraid of clowns and the origins surrounding clowns are probably not what you thought.

In medieval times, clowns were comedians; however their jokes would always have an underlining sad truth. This theme passed through time onto jesters who began to symbolise death and fear. Alongside this, the mask a clown would wear was purposely happy to hide their true feelings.

The hidden face is what can make a clown quite scary – as you don’t know who is underneath!

9Carat Yellow Gold Multi Gemstone Movable Clown Pendant

Black cats

We all know not to cross a black cat or hope a black cat doesn’t cross us! But where did this superstition come from? For centuries, black cats have had the unfortunate pleasure of being associated with bad luck as they were closely related to witchcraft.

Even now people still believe if a black cat crosses your path from left to right, it will bring you bad luck! However in Japan black cats are considered to be lucky and if you lived in the time of the Egyptians, you would have worshiped cats!

9Carat Yellow Gold Movable Cat Charm with Enamel Eyes

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