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Summer Bridal Jewellery Trends of 2016

Bridal trends are always changing but then some trends always make a comeback too! With the English summer hopefully on the horizon and the wedding season beginning to bloom; we take a look at this year’s Summer Bridal Trends of 2016.

Add A Pop of Colour

Most weddings have a theme and this reflects in the décor, location and of course attire. From the bridesmaid dresses and flowers to the grooms suit, people really love to think outside the box but not leaving out some traditional features to make their wedding day one to remember.

One traditional aspect that’s taking a back seat is the colour white, with wild flowers beginning to bloom, a huge range of colours begin to flourish in the countryside and it’s easy to understand why pops of colour are beginning to trend in terms of bridal jewellery. Spicing up your wedding jewellery can show off your personality as well as it lets you explore more jewellery options. With this particular trend, you can really explore any colour you like and even mix and match colours that complement each other.


Use Simple Statement Pieces

Although bright colours are definitely one to consider, keeping it simple yet sweet is also trending this summer. Having classic statement pieces keeps everything together, especially if your wedding dress is quite extravagant and has lots of detail to look at; keeping the jewellery a little low key will add simple textures and soft colours.

Try going for an Opal, Pearl or even a Moonstone as these are all similar in detail and shimmer and glisten under natural and artificial lights, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to having a pop of colour but an elegant and classic look overall.


Head Back To The Roaring 20’s

Art Deco Jewellery is a trend that always comes back around, the truly remarkable designs that Art Deco jewellery has to offer would leave any bride spoiled for choice. Having the freedom to mix colours and patterns gives great versatility to an evening bridal outfit, creating a relaxed yet fun ensemble.

Stunning drop earrings are perfectly suited to brides with up-do hairstyles, as it decorates the neck and really shows off the jewellery piece. There are a large number of different drop earring styles and lengths to choose from, all of which may or may not include gemstones, depending on the look you’re going for.

Also if you’re looking to move away from earrings and bracelets and are looking to wear something different, brooches are a must-have statement piece that were also very popular in the 1920’s, these would have very intricate designs they would tell stories. What’s great about brooches is there are so many designs to choose from you can have a design that will match your wedding theme or maybe it’s a particular design that means something personal to you.


Bathe In Rose Gold

Rose Gold jewellery has become very popular over the years and it keeps getting better! Rose Gold is a beautiful alternative if you’re looking for something traditional but with a twist. Rose Gold suits many tones and shades of pink and red making it a very romantic piece of jewellery.

Rose Gold is the perfect metal for accessories such as rings and watches and seeing as the colour Copper is a huge trend in general for 2016 you cannot go wrong with a few hints of Rose Gold. If you’re going for a natural and rustic wedding theme, Rose Gold and Copper colour schemes will truly complement each other and your jewellery will no doubt stand out.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

When you’re searching for that ‘something’ special turn to the colour blue. The colour blue emits royalty and elegance, matching blue gemstones such as sapphires with the purity of diamonds will give you a classic look that can be mixed and matched with different tones and shades of blue, giving you plenty of choice if you’re still searching for a colour theme.

If you’re looking for something a little more playful a blue topaz is just the gemstone for you. The blue topaz has 3 different tones of blue all of which are beautiful and on a wonderful day with a clear sky the blue topaz is a real show stopper.


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