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How to Style Key Pieces of Jewellery

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Your Jewellery collection is very personal, whether you’ve received them as gifts from someone special or they’ve been passed down through the family, jewellery means something different to us all and it’s a wonderful way of expressing who we are and what we love.

Sometimes however, jewellery can be difficult to style, if you have lots of pieces that perhaps don’t appear to go together – think again!

With the festive season just around the corner, it’s a time for dressing up and putting on those favourite jewellery pieces! Discover how to style jewellery – and style them effectively.

Get the most out of your new (and old) jewellery, not just for Christmas & the New Year but for all year round!

Layer Your Jewellery for Maximum Impact

Layering jewellery has become a big trend but layering is achieved through plenty of thought and through experimenting with different pieces to achieve a simple yet elegant look.  When you see layered jewellery they tend to be very delicate pieces instead of chunky.


Layering necklaces is really easy and has the best effect when different lengths play a part. Long necklaces go with most necklines and so they can be mixed up with shorter necklaces and even chokers to create a more dramatic effect without actually wearing too much jewellery.

Necklaces also become a focal point of the outfit and are a great option if you don’t tend to wear other pieces of jewellery. Necklaces that have thin chains with statement pendants will add character and allow you to express yourself more through your jewellery.


If you have a large collection of rings which you simply adore and want to wear them all – well you can! Layering rings is however much easier if the rings are simple bands that may have subtle details on them, as it will be much trickier to wear multiple rings on one finger if they all have huge gemstones.

Choose 1 or 2 rings that have a statement gemstone but don’t wear more than 2, use these gemstones rings as the central point for the simpler rings that can be stacked on top or below the statement rings. This way you can play around with colours, textures and even what fingers to wear them on.

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Just Have Fun with It

Brooches can create a stunning focal point to an outfit and if you have multiple brooches that are fairly small, try pinning them in the same area of your clothing, instantly they will create a wonderful look with lots of colour.

Layering can also be achieved with bracelets and bangles by choosing to wear some further up the arm. If you’re an earring fan, having multiple earrings in at once is a gorgeous look when it’s done properly, similar to layering rings, earrings should be small and delicate with one statement earrings so not to have too much attention taken away from you.

Remove One Accessory before Leaving the House

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory’ famously said by Coco Chanel, it’s a great piece of advice that never goes a miss. If you do feel like you’re wearing too much jewellery, simply take a piece off.

If you’ve decided to go for the layering option, only choose one piece of jewellery to layer and keep other jewellery pieces simple and subtle. If perhaps your outfit includes a clutch bag that’s glittery or is loud in colour, a bracelet may get lost behind the clutch bag and so leaving the bracelet at home would be the better option.

However for an everyday look, you might find you’re wearing a necklace, some rings, earrings and a watch – for work or daily errands, this can be too much, so before leaving your home, consider which piece of jewellery you simply don’t need to wear.

Get the Most Out of Your Jewellery

If you have jewellery that hasn’t been worn for a little while, give them a good clean and a chance to shine again. Trends come and go but some pieces are timeless and can be worn over and over again. Especially pieces that have personal meanings or pieces that are vintage or antique.

Although it was once seen as a big ‘no no’, mixing metals has become a look you can now use, allowing you to freely mix up those golds and silvers without having to leave pieces out. How exactly do you mix metals? Sometimes wearing a gold and silver ring directly next to each other may still appear strange; however mix up your metals through different jewellery pieces. For example, if you have a rose gold watch, go for a delicate gold chain – these two tones are very warm and blend nicely together.

Vintage 9ct Yellow, White & Rose Gold Braided Fancy Band

Having a variety of earring styles can never go a miss; hoops are making a big comeback and look great with long and short hair. If you enjoy wearing jewellery daily, stud earrings are the perfect companion, there are so many different styles of studs, some large, some with shapes and objects that you can really express yourself.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone and go for something completely different, brooches were huge on this year’s catwalks and can be styled in so many different ways, they are full of character and can be worn as simple statement pieces that can be bundled together to create a wonderful show piece. They can be attached to jackets, coats, jumpers and even bags.

What Do You Want Out of Your Jewellery?

When selecting your jewellery, consider what you want to highlight. If you’ve chosen for an up-do hairstyle, consider wearing drop or chandelier earrings that highlight the neck. For an outfit that has a low neckline, long pendant necklaces will exaggerate your outfit and give a more glamorous feel. If you’re after something eye catching, rings with large stones that pop with colour are great with cocktail dresses and go well if you want to spruce up a basic outfit during the day.

Just Be You

Sometimes the best style advice is to just be you, find styles you love and try them out. Jewellery trends are forever changing and how we wear jewellery is evolving over time. If you have some unique pieces you know no one else has, these are absolute gems! Enjoy the jewellery you have and treasure it always.