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VIP Watches

There are watches and then there are watches. Jollys VIP only work with the latter – luxury, high-end watches of the highest craftsmanship and style. Featuring the best of Swiss watch engineering, all of our VIP watches are verified by our team of industry experts. Whether

Jollys VIP Sellers service collates jewellery from individuals across the UK and beyond. We sell on behalf of clients who want more for their pre-loved jewellery than just money, they want it to embark on a new journey with a new buyer.

Whether you’re looking for a Rolex, Omega, Breitling or more, our watches all come from real UK sellers and not from retail so you’re able to save more for the same fantastic timepiece.

Pre-Owned Watches by Real UK Sellers

Jollys ensure that all VIP Seller jewellery is expertly authenticated and professionally refurbished and assess each watch on an individual basis. Only the very best jewellery makes the grade.

If you have any items of jewellery to sell and would like the help of our expert team, click here.