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FOPE 18Carat Yellow & White Gold 17″ Mesh Necklace (10mm Wide)

Original price was: £8,999.00.Current price is: £8,199.00.

VIP Necklaces

Browse Jollys inventory of VIP Necklaces and find a range of stunning necklaces reflecting the more decadent end of the jewellery spectrum. Including a rich array of styles and chains featuring intricate and finely-crafted links – our aim is to showcase the very best pre-loved necklaces.

Luxury Necklaces From UK Sellers

Jollys VIP Sellers service collates jewellery from individuals across the UK and beyond. We sell on behalf of clients who want more for their pre-loved jewellery than just money, they want it to embark on a new journey with a new custodian.

Jollys ensure that all VIP Seller jewellery is expertly authenticated and professionally refurbished and assess each necklace on an individual basis. Only the very best jewellery makes the grade.