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Pre-Loved Tanzanite Rings

Found at only one sight on earth in Tanzania near to Mount Kilimanjaro and named in honour of it’s country of origin, Tanzanite continues to have a certain allure. At Jollys we celebrate this beautiful gem with an exquisite selection of Tanzanite rings. It’s bluish violet colour contrasts wonderfully with all gold tones and silver and we also have examples with platinum for something extra special. From ultra modern eternity rings to antique solitaires, we have something for everyone.

Finest Tanzanite Rings

All of our pre-owned Tanzanite rings have been cleaned and refurbished by our team of experts and will arrive with you as new without losing any of their original charm. We deliver domestically and internationally and can arrange next day delivery where applicable. Feel free to inquire about our ring resizing service. Why not also browse our range of sapphire and topaz rings.

If you need any advice about our Tanzanite rings, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is always on hand. You can get in touch about all jewellery enquiries via live chat, email or phone.