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9Carat Yellow Gold Saint Catherine’s Cross w/ Diamond Charm (9x11mm)


Vintage 9Carat Rose Gold Heart Padlock Charm w/ Safety Chain (16x25mm)


Sterling Silver Horse Shoe Charm (14x17mm)


Genuine PANDORA Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Flower Clasp Charm (11x11mm)


Genuine PANDORA Sterling Silver Disney Green Swarovski Lion King Dangle Charm


Sterling Silver Sphinx Charm (15x10mm)


Sterling Silver Guitarist Charm (9x21mm)


Sterling Silver Skier Charm (12x16mm)


Sterling Silver Meerschaum Pipe Charm (27x23mm)


Genuine PANDORA Sterling Silver Pink Enameled Heart Charm (11x10mm)


Sterling Silver Openable Cinematography Film Camera (30x16mm)


Vintage 9Carat Yellow Gold Heart Padlock Charm (14x22mm)


9Carat Yellow Gold Poodle Dog Charm (11x10mm)


9Carat Yellow Gold ‘I Love You’ Charm (14mm Diameter)


9Carat Yellow Gold Ice Skate Charm (16x14mm)


Pre-owned Charms

Th history of charms stretches back millennia and the fashion was re-popularised by Queen Victoria in the 19th century and then later by screen icons like Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor. The range of charm designs available is vast and at Jollys we offer an unrivalled selection. In both gold and silver you will find charms built around themes as disparate as animals, money, love and marriage, horoscopes and places – and many, many more. If you’re looking to start a collection, we also stock the perfect bracelets to get you started.

Finest Charms

We have everything from charms with classical motifs and celebrating rites of passage like birthdays and weddings to up-to-date trends including a range of genuine Pandora. We deliver both domestically and internationally and can arrange next day delivery where applicable.

If you need advice navigating our extensive range of charms, our dedicated team of jewellery experts are always on hand to help. Please get in touch for any jewellery enquiry via live chat, email or phone.