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Pre-owned Yellow Gold Brooches

Find stunning examples of yellow gold brooches at Jollys. We stock timeless designs ranging from elegant classics to chic and modern and nestled amongst our collection you will find some truly unique pieces. Find gemstones as diverse as amethyst, opal and amber all masterfully refurbished, buffed and polished guaranteeing you a dazzling finish. Our brooches are dispatched to you as new but at a fraction of the cost.

Vintage Yellow Gold Brooches

Whatever style of brooch you’re looking for we can help. Our wider selection also includes white and rose gold and sterling silver. We deliver both domestically and internationally and can arrange next day delivery where applicable.

If you need advice about any item from our vast range, our dedicated team of jewellery experts are always on hand to help. Please get in touch for any jewellery enquiry via live chat, email or phone.