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Sterling Silver 7.5″ Moonstone Tennis Bracelet (12mm Widest)


Sterling Silver 6.25/7/8″ Fancy Belcher Bracelet (3mm Widest)


Genuine PANDORA Sterling Silver 6.25″ Pandora Charm Bracelet (3mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 7.5″ Gucci Belcher Bracelet (5mm Wide & 24x26mm)


Sterling Silver 9.25″ Solid Curb Bracelet (11mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 9.5″ Curb Bracelet (9mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 7.75″ Graduated Rounded Curb Bracelet w/ Safety Chain (5-7mm)


Sterling Silver 7″ Box Link Bracelet (2mm Wide)


New Sterling Silver 8.75″ Hexagonal Patterned Belcher Bracelet (11mm Wide)


New! Sterling Silver 9.25″ Patterned Belcher Bracelet (12mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 7.5″ Enameled Bracelet (12.5mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 8.5″ Curb Bracelet (7mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 7.5″ Pink & White Topaz Tennis Bracelet (13mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 9.75″ Mystic Blue Topaz Adjustable Bracelet (5mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 7.5″ Beaded Bracelet w/ Heart Charm (8mm Wide & 19x24mm)


Pre-loved Silver Bracelets

At Jollys we stock a range of pre-owned sterling silver bracelets covering a variety of styles, fastenings, lengths and weights. The perfect foundation to start a charm bracelet. We stock contemporary Pandora to classic patterned designs, including a choice of gemstones. Once the precious metal of choice for royal table wear, silver has emerged over the centuries as a perennially popular and affordable choice for a host of fine jewellery from tooth picks to tie pins.

Finest Sterling Silver Bracelets

All of our second-hand silver jewellery is exquisitely restored by our team of experts ensuring your piece will be delivered white bright and as new. We deliver domestically and internationally and can arrange next day delivery where necessary. Our array of silver items also includes stunning silver rings, pendants – and more.

If you need advice about any of our bracelets, feel free to contact us. Our jewellery experts on always hand to help. You can get in touch about all jewellery enquiries via live chat, email or phone.