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Sterling Silver 8″ Graduated Curb Bracelet (4-6mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 7.25″ Curb Bracelet w/ Charms & Heart Padlock Clasp (3mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 8.5″ Simulated Diamond Dad Curb Bracelet (6mm & 35x8mm)


Sterling Silver 7.25″ Rounded Curb Bracelet w/Heart Padlock Clasp (10mm&14x22mm)


Sterling Silver 7.5″ Double Curb Bracelet w/ Heart Padlock Clasp (7mm & 15x21mm)


Sterling Silver 8″ Identity Curb Bracelet (10mm Wide & 10x40mm)


Sterling Silver 7.75-8.25″ Hollow Curb Bracelet w/Panther Heads (9mm &13mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 8.5″ Curb Bracelet (8mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 7.75″ Hollow Curb Bracelet (20mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 8.75″ I.D Curb Link Bracelet (10mm Wide & 50x10mm Bar)


Sterling Silver 6.5″ Charm Curb Bracelet (8mm Wide)


Vintage 9Ct Rose Gold 7.25″Rounded Curb Bracelet w/9Ct Yellow Gold Padlock Clasp


9Carat Yellow Gold 9.25″ Curb Bracelet (17mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 7.5″ Curb Bracelet w/ Heart Padlock Clasp (7mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 8.25″ Curb Bracelet (8mm Wide)


Pre-Owned Curb Bracelets

Serving as the basis for much of the classic jewellery originally crafted in Italy and France, the curb chain link is also known as Grumetta and Gourmette respectively. Ever fashionable, we guarantee a varied stock of curb bracelets in both gold and silver for him or for her. We offer a comprehensive range of weights, lengths and styles meaning whatever your requirements, you are sure to find it at Jollys.

Refurbished Curb Chain Bracelets

All our second-hand bracelets are professionally restored and polished before delivery giving you an as new piece at the very best value. Wherever you are in the world, we can accommodate shipping fast and hassle free.

If you need any help or advice choosing any of our bracelets feel free to contact us. We have a dedicated team of jewellery experts ready to help. You can get in touch about all jewellery enquiries via live chat, email or phone.