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9Carat Yellow Gold 7″ Sapphire & Diamond Hook & Loop Bangle (4mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 8″ Six Slave Bangle Set (1mm Wide)


9Carat Rolled Gold 5.5-6.25″ Patterned Adjustable Bangle (4mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 8.25″ Diamond Hook & Loop Bangle (12mm Wide & 20mm Widest)


9Carat Rolled Gold 7″ Patterned Hinge Bangle (8mm Wide)


18Carat Yellow Gold 7.5″ 0.33ct Diamond Egyptian Bangle (22mm Widest)


9Carat Rolled Gold 7.25″ Patterned Hinge Bangle (22mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 7.25″ Hook & Loop Bangle (6mm Wide & 9mm Widest)


9Carat Yellow Gold 7″ Patterned Bangle w/ Figure Of Eight Clasp (4mm Wide)


18Carat Yellow & White Gold 6.75″ 0.50ct Diamond Hinge Bangle (4mm Wide)


Vintage 9Carat Rolled Gold 7″ Patterned Hinge Bangle w/ Safety Chain (15mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 7″ Diamond Footprint Bangle (3mm Wide)


Vintage 9Carat Yellow Gold 9.25″ Solid Patterned Slave Bangle (6mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 8.25″ Fancy Slave Bangle (15mm Widest)


9Carat Yellow Gold 8.25″ Slave Bangle (3mm Wide)


Pre-owned Yellow Gold Bangles

We offer a fantastic collection of the best quality second-hand yellow gold bangles to suit any taste or occasion, perfect as a new addition to your jewellery box or as a gift for a loved one. Our range includes pieces as diverse as yellow gold sovereign mount bangles to diamond set heart bangles and plain gold floral designs. In a unique array of styles and sizes, the choice is yours.

Refurbished Yellow Gold Bangles

Our selection of pre-loved yellow gold bangles have been individually chosen and refurbished by our team of experts. We deliver domestically and internationally and can arrange next day delivery when applicable. If you’re looking for something different, we stock a unique array of other pieces from earrings to antiques.

If you need any help or advice about any of our selection of bangles, or any other item, feel free to contact us. We have a dedicated team on hand. You can get in touch about all jewellery enquiries via live chat, email or phone.