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9Carat Yellow Gold Patterned & Plain Cufflinks (11x15mm)


9Carat Yellow Gold Full Sovereign Pendant Pendant (39mm Diameter)


9Carat Yellow Gold 1/10th Kurgerrand Pendant Mount (19mm Diameter)


9Carat Yellow Gold Blue Glass Signet Ring (Size S 1/2) 10x12mm


9Carat Yellow Gold Patterned Wedding Band (Size N) 5mm Wide


9Carat Yellow Gold Plain Oval Signet Ring (Size U) 11x13mm Head


9Carat Yellow Gold Fancy Patterned Wedding Bands (Size P) 8mm Wide


9Carat Yellow Gold Signet Ring (Size R 1/2) 13x13mm Head


9Carat Yellow Gold Keeper Ring (Size V) 7mm Widest


9Carat Yellow Gold Simulated Diamond Buckle Ring (Size Y 1/2) 20mm Widest


9Carat Yellow Gold Garnet Signet Ring (Size T) 7x9mm Head


Vintage 9Carat Yellow Gold D-Shape Wedding Band (Size P) 7mm Wide


9Carat Yellow Gold Garnet Three-Stone & Simulated Diamond Accents Ring (Size P)


9Carat Yellow Gold 0.02ct Diamond Band (Size Q 1/2) 6mm Wide


9Carat Yellow Gold D-Shape Patterned Wedding Band (Size V 1/2) 6mm Wide


Jewellery For Him

We have a comprehensive range of pre-loved jewellery for him catering to all tastes and occasions. From rings and chains to watches and everything in between, you can find it at Jollys. All our second-hand jewellery has been carefully selected and masterfully refurbished by our team of experts. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone special, we have the perfect piece for you.

Pre-Owned Mens Jewellery

Choosing an item from our fascinating collection gives you the chance to come away with a truly memorable piece. With Jollys, quality is a guarantee. Our assorted range of mens jewellery is restored to it’s original splendour and is delivered fast and efficiently both domestically and internationally. Not right for you, don’t worry – we have a no questions asked return policy.

If you need any advice about any of our items, our dedicated team is always on hand to advise. You can get in touch for all jewellery enquiries via live chat, email or phone.