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9Carat Yellow Gold 7.25″ Fancy Hinged Bangle (9mm Widest)


9Carat Yellow Gold 7.25″ Floral Hinged Bangle (7mm Widest)


9Carat Yellow Gold 8.5″ Curb Bracelet (6mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold 7.5″ Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet (5mm Wide)


Sterling Silver 8″ Graduated Curb Bracelet (4-6mm Wide)


9Carat Yellow Gold Boulder Opal Pendant (11x22mm)


Sterling Silver Simulated Diamond Tree Of Life Pendant (27mm Diameter)


9Carat Yellow Gold 0.15ct Diamond Cross Pendant (22x29mm)


Sterling Silver Fancy Amethyst Pendant (7x24mm)


Sterling Silver Simulated Multi-Gem Tree Of Life Stud Earrings (12mm Diameter)


Sterling Silver Pill Box (24x23mm)


Sterling Silver Floral Brooch (46x21mm)


9Carat Yellow Gold Heart Padlock Charm (11x15mm)


9Carat Yellow Gold Ring Charm (12x16mm)


9Carat Yellow Gold Teddy Bear Charm (7x11mm)


Pre-Owned & Second Hand Jewellery

We specialise in the sale of pre-owned and pre-loved jewellery! Our team of jewellery experts have hand-selected an extensive range of jewellery to cater to all tastes. All of our jewellery is professionally cleaned, polished and restored to ensure when you order from us, you receive an item of jewellery which is like new but at a fraction of the price.

Pre-loved jewellery at it’s finest

Whilst we understand some people simply prefer new jewellery, we’ve made it our ambition to offer jewellery which could pass as new for a fraction of the price. Each item second-hand jewellery is thoroughly inspected before purchase, going through a rigorous cleaning and polishing process to ensure all gems/diamonds sparkle and all gold shimmers under a light. We take great pride in the jewellery we sell with over 200+ positive Trustpilot reviews, all commending our range.

What makes pre-owned jewellery unique is we don’t sell them in lines. If you purchase from us, you’re purchasing a unique, one-off item which could have been created over 100 years ago. As fashion changes, older items which carry a history become desirable again and they’re much rarer than a line of jewellery which is mass-produced.

As part of our collection, we have a stunning range of men’s jewellery, ladies jewellery, pre-owned rings and more! If you need any help finding your next purchase, please feel free to get in touch with our team via live chat, email or phone.