Sell Your Jewellery

We pay a true value for your jewellery

Unlike other jewellers, we make offers on an item by item basis. We value items based on resale value, as in most cases we will be sending your jewellery on to a lovely new home. Our certified team are qualified to value gemstones, watches and all manor of jewellery
  • We buy based on resale value
  • Certified gemologist and members of the NAJ
  • Sell your jewellery online or in-store
  • Instant payout by either cash or bank transfer
Sell Your Jewellery

If you have inherited items or jewellery that you know longer wear, our team will make an offer based on the items resale value. If you decide to accept, we can make an instant payment by either bank transfer or cash.

If you’re not local and would still like to sell your jewellery to us, you’re welcome to post the item to us, and we can contact you and make an offer upon receipt. We have done this hundreds of times in the past and offer to return your items free of charge if you decide against selling.

Sell Your Jewellery Information

How Does Selling My Jewellery Work?

It’s simple and fast! If you would like to sell it in-store, pop into one of our 3 stores and a member of staff will be happy to go over the value of your items, what we can offer and answer any other questions. Once agreed, we then pay you out with cash or by transfer.

If you wanted to sell your items online, please get in touch with us beforehand to discuss an estimated price and how you can send it in. Once we receive your items, we would then offer you a price. If you’re happy to proceed, we send you your money via bank transfer. If you decide not to sell, we would send your items back via next day delivery, fully insured an free of charge.

What Happens To My Jewellery Once Sold?

Once you have sold an item with us, it goes through our processing period. During this period we polish, clean, photo and list the item across our sales platforms. We try to avoid melting or scrapping any jewellery to ensure it’s given a new lease of life with another customer.

What If I Change My Mind?

If you change your mind during the process or require some time to think it over, there is no pressure on you to sell. We won’t hassle you with marketing materials or sales emails.

If you have already sold your jewellery to us and then change your mind, you have up to 3 days to let us know. Presuming we haven’t already sold your item, we would allow you to purchase it back at the full amount we paid less administrative costs.

Do You Purchase Anything Else Other Than Jewellery?

We typically only purchase jewellery and precious metal items. We will consider gold bullion/coins, and some antique items. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask!


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