Jewellery Repair & Restoration

Giving jewellery a new lease of life

We offer a tailored jewellery repair and restoration service thanks to our highly experienced onsite goldsmith. Whether you've got a gold, silver or platinum piece of jewellery, we can repair any damage that may occur.
  • Restore your Gold, Silver or Platinum
  • Repair broken claws or lost gemstones
  • Restore tarnished jewellery back to their best
  • On site & same day Rhodium plating.
Jewellery Repair Process

We offer our repairs service in store and via post. You can come to any of our stores, or post your items to our workshop. Before proceeding, our Goldsmith highlights the problems with your item and the work required.

We would then quote you a time and price to repair or restore your jewellery. After our goldsmith has undertaken the work, we contact you to arrange collection or delivery. Payment is only made after the repair is complete and our customer are happy.

Jewellery Repair & Restoration Information

How Long Does The Repair & Restoration Process Take?

The time required to restore your jewellery depends on how busy we are at the time. Our goldsmith will usually quote a timeframe depending on his current workload as well as the time required to fix your jewellery. If gemstones are required to order in or a new shank/piece is required, we need to allow for delivery from our suppliers.

Because of this, we can’t give an exact timeframe for repairs but we aim to ensure all items are fully repaired and restored within 2-3 weeks of receiving them. Smaller jobs wouldn’t take as long but we can offer a more accurate time frame during take in.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes. Any item we repair, we offer a 6-month guarantee for everyday use. If you have any concerns regarding a repair undertaken by us, please get in touch. We have almost no complaints, but in the event we do, will endeavour to make sure our customers are happy.

What Can You Repair & Restore?

Thanks to our experienced goldsmith, there isn’t a lot we wouldn’t be able to fix. Whether a diamond has dropped out of your engagement ring, your watch has stopped keeping time or a clasp is broken, we’re confident we can help!

Repairs can be anything from fixing a link in a chain to complete re-shanking a ring for a more modern appearance. So long as the item is comprised of Gold, Silver, Platinum or is a watch, we should be able to meet your repair needs in a much faster time than highstreet jewellers.

Doesn’t Repairing Jewellery Make It Weaker?

No, in fact, quite the opposite. Some customers are concerned the bending, polishing or cleaning of an item of jewellery can make it weaker but we once we have repaired the item, it should be just as durable as when it was first purchased. For white gold items, we rhodium plate after repairing which restores the perfect white colour of a new white gold item.


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