Lifetime Care Plan

Take the stress out of maintaining your jewellery.

Even great works of art need a touch up every now and again. By purchasing our care plan you can be certain the cost of keeping your jewellery fresh does not become a burden.
  • One Off Upfront Payment
  • No More Frustrating Repair Quotes
  • Rhodium Plating & Ring Sizing Included
  • At Home Cleaning Products Included
Our Care Plan – Available From £199

When investing your hard earn money into delicate jewellery items it makes perfect sense to cover the cost of ongoing repairs. Our care plan can be purchased at checkout both online and in store. We can also offer the care plan to your existing items of jewellery should you wish.

Maintenance costs can run into hundreds of pounds per item annually, meaning this service is a no brainer for your prized possessions.

Care Plan Information

Why Choose The Lifetime Care Plan?

Think of our care plan like your very own miniature insurance policy, except you don’t pay every year and we charge no excess. For a one off payment of £199 we will guarantee to maintain the high standard of your jewellery indefinitely.

We will also supply you with a selection of at home cleaning products supplied by the world leader in jewellery consumables. This way you can keep your jewellery looking dazzling between visits.

How Does It Work?

Simply purchase the care plan either online or in store and you will be issued with a unique reference number attributed to your account. The items protected by the care plan will be listed, and will be maintained by us forevermore.

Does Is Really Last For Life?

Yes, the care plan will cover the specified items listed on the plan for the entirety of their existence…..or yours!!

We will also allow you to exchange an item listed on the plan for another should you upgrade or exchange your jewellery at some point in the future.

What Is Excluded From The Plan?

Unfortunately we will not cover you against instances of obvious negligence or misuse of your items, such as stone loss or setting damage caused by impact. For a full list of exemptions please check out our terms.

Unfortunately due to the nature of their usage, we cannot offer this service for watches.


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