Lay-Away Plans

Secure your purchase with a deposit as low as 20%

We know some customers prefer to spread the cost of larger purchases. Because of this, we offer a Lay-Away option both online and instore, allowing you to reserve your purchase and pay the balance at a time convenient to you!
  • Minimum Deposit of 20% of the full purchase value
  • Spread payments over a weekly or monthly basis
  • Once the deposit is made, the item is reserved for you and you only
  • Create a payment plan that's tailored to you
Lay-Away At Checkout & In-Store

We use an intuitive checkout on our website allowing us to take payment in a number of methods. One is our checkout option, allowing you to create a payment plan that suits you!

Not only is our website tailored to accept Lay-Away plans, but we can also set you one up in-store! Simply pop into one of our shops, choose the items you would like to purchase and a member of our team will be able to walk you through the Lay-Away payment plan options.

Lay-Away Plans Information

What Is A Lay-Away Plan?

A Lay-Away plan is a method of purchasing an item over a longer period of time and you receive the items as soon as you’ve cleared the full balance. Using a Lay-Away plan allows you to put a deposit on one or several items so nobody else is eligible to purchase them. You then have a period of time to pay off the remaining balance, once paid your items will be shipped to you.

Can I Cancel A Lay-Away Plan?

Yes, you may cancel your Lay-Away plan at any point and we will refund all monies paid minus a cancellation fee of 10% (Total Order Value). Should you wish to cancel a Lay-Away, we do relist the item for sale via our sales channels.

Are There Any Interest Fees, Late Fees Or Hidden Fees?

No, we don’t charge late fee’s or any additional costs. We may wish terminate the Lay-Away plan should payment be 30 days or more late, in which case we withhold the 10% of the order value to cover administrative expenses.

Are There Any Credit Checks With A Lay-Away Plan?

No, there are no soft or hard searches on your credit file. As you only receive the items once the balance is cleared, there’s no need for us to check your financial situation. There are no requirements for a Law-Away plan meaning everyone is welcome to use this payment option so long as the 20% deposit can be made.

Can My Item Be Sold When I Take Out A Plan?

No, once a deposit has been made we remove the item from our sales channels and store it securely. Unless you decide to cancel the Lay-Away plan or fail to clear the balance in the allotted time, we would only sell the item to you!

How Flexible Is A Lay-Away Plan?

It depends on your requirements. We typically allow a Lay-Away for between 1 – 6 months however if it’s a high valued item and you require more time to clear the balance or would like a specific paying date etc, we can create a taliored Lay-Away for you.


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