Jewellery Valuation

Online Valuation from £99

We offer an online jewellery valuation service, which can be purchased at checkout for certain items on our website. You can upload information about jewellery you already own and we will email you a valuation.
  • Years of experience valuing a range of jewellery
  • NAJ member & certified Gemologist
  • A true reflection of the replacement value for your jewellery
  • Ideal for high end jewellery insurance
  • Perfect for watches or engagement rings

Step 1 - Jewellery Information

Fill in the form below with the relevant information. Please try to fill in as much as possible

Step 2 - Upload Images/Documents

Upload some pictures of your jewellery as well as any certification or receipts of purchase

Step 3 - Make Payment

Use our checkout with either PayPal, Debit or Credit card for a flat fee of £99 per item of jewellery

Step 4 - Receive Your Valuation

Your valuation report will be written out by our director and emailed over within 72 hours

Online Jewellery Valuation

Our online jewellery valuation is quick and easy to complete. We can do this with a range of jewellery whether it’s a watch, an engagement ring or a sentimental piece of jewellery you would like insured in case the worst happens.

The best part about our online jewellery valuation is that we don’t need to physically inspect your item! If you’re able to provide as much detail about your item as possible, images of your jewellery and any receipts or certificates, we can create a current valuation reflecting the true replacement value which would be accepted by most insurers.

If you’re not sure what to fill in with the form or would like assistance, please feel free to call us on 01623 652227.

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Jewellery Valuation Information

Will Adding A Valuation At Checkout Delay My Order?

We try to process all orders on the day we receive them up until 3pm. If there is modification required to the item or in this case, a valuation that needs completing then yes, it can delay the order by up to 72 hours. We try to process all valuations within 24 hours to ensure the largest delay is 1 working day. If we suspect a longer delay, we will contact you to advise timescale.

How Long Is My Jewellery Valuation Valid For?

A jewellery valuation is valid for the length of time your insurer states. Most insurers require the valuation to be within 2 years of making a claim but some do extend this to 3 years. It’s always worth checking with your insurer what their terms are renewing your valuation when it expires.

Not only does it keep the valuation valid but renewing your valuation could increase the repayment amount as the price of precious metal and gemstones fluctuate over time.

Can This Be Done In-Store?

Yes, we offer jewellery valuation in-store. This usually takes 2-3 working days, however if circumstances change, we would inform you prior to taking your item or payment. Items taken for valuation do not leave the premises at any time.

What Is The Main Benefit Of A Jewellery Valuation?

A jewellery valuation offers peace of mind, allowing you to know an accurate  value of your precious items in the event of theft or loss. We require imagery of your jewellery for valuations to help support any claim you may need to make whilst the valuation is valid. Without imagery, insurers may deny claims based on a lack of material evidence.


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