Jewellery Engraving

From only £35

Whether you're looking to have an item you already own engraved or something on our website, we have the tools to help. With a variety of fonts available, we can engrave a personal message, name or date onto most jewellery items.
  • Engrave a message on the inside of rings
  • Add a date, name or message to your wedding band
  • Perfect for ID bracelets or jewellery with a flat surface
  • A wide range of fonts available to truly personalise your engraving
  • Engraving only costs £35 per item and can be done with a large range of our stock
Our Engraving Machine
We use state of the art technology which enables us to engrave on all sorts of jewellery. Whether you’re wanting a flat surface engraving, the inside or outside of a ring, our machine is capable of engraving a number of fonts.

As well as typical jewellery metals such as gold, silver or platinum, we can also engrave on some watch case backs. All commissions are meticulously  designed with a CAD style software to ensure we each engraving is perfect.

Jewellery Engraving Information

How Do I Get An Item Engraved?

If you are looking to buy an item from our website and there is an item you would like to have engraved, we offer the engraving option at checkout for applicable items. Simply tick the “engraving?” option and enter the desired text box. You can also make additional notes such as preferred font, or a specific symbol.

If you already own an item you would like engraving you can either visit us in our Mansfield branch or post the item into us. Once we have your item, a member of our team will contact to confirm details and discuss the process.

What Types Of Jewellery Can Be Engraved?

Basic engraving requests include anything that has a flat surface, for example: inside and outside of rings, watch casings, lockets, bracelet links, we can even engrave on the glass.

Bespoke engraving requests will depend on the item of jewellery however you can always speak with one of our experts who would be happy to help.

Do You Offer A Gift Packaging Option?

We don’t specifically, however we delicately wrap each item which will be placed in a box or pouch, depending on the jewellery piece.

How Long Does Engraving Take?

If you’re able to visit our Mansfield branch we aim to have your jewellery engraved that day. You can also speak with our in house engraver who is happy to go over any of the details and what’s possible.

For online orders, we aim to get these engraved on the day of ordering and shipped out if the order is placed before 3pm that day. If the order is placed after 3pm, we may not get it sent out in time and it could add an extra day to delivery.

If you’re sending the item to us, we aim to have it engraved and shipped out the day we receive your jewellery.

What Cannot Be Engraved?

Unfortunately, we cannot engrave Diamonds and Gemstones or plastics. We can engrave on almost all metals as long as there is space for your message or bespoke design.

What Kinds of Engraving Options Do I Have?

We’ve invested in one of the best engraving machines on the market. Because of this, we have a wide range of fonts, shapes and patterns available to truly personalise your item. As well as your standard engraving, we’re also capable of engraving an image onto your item depending on its size.


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