Jewellery Cleaning

Professional Jewellery Cleaning with Chemical Free Products

We professionally clean and polish all items before dispatch, but we can also clean items your already own. Whether your jewellery needs a spruce up or you have old tarnished items, we have a range of tools and cleaners to restore your items back to their best.
  • We polish and clean all online orders before sending them
  • Drop your items instore and have them cleaned within minutes
  • We clean a range of items including rings, chains, bracelets and watches
  • Restore your jewellery back to it's best
Our Jewellery Cleaning Process
We use a range of professional jewellery cleaning products to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places, ensuring that your items look as good as the day you bought them. The products we use are non-corrosive and chemical-free, ensuring that your item retains its original brightness and shine without damaging the gold, silver or precious stones.

Jewellery Cleaning Information

What Can Jollys Clean?

We can clean almost all items of jewellery and metals including silver, gold, platinum and steel. If you have a bracelet or chain that requires scratch removal, or your diamonds are looking a little dull, our cleaning process restores items back to a like-new condition.

Can You Clean Watches?

Yes, we can clean most watches whether they’re gold or steel, including restoration and polishing of the case strap and buckle. We can also offer off site watch servicing and repairs. We can provide a free of charge quotation for any internal watch repairs before proceeding with the work.

What Is The Cleaning Process?

Depending on the item in question, the process can vary but typically we start by immersing your jewellery in our ultra-sonic machine. This vibrates your jewellery and a non toxic cleaning solution to loosen and remove dirt, getting into the nooks and crannies which aren’t visible to the eye.

Once cleaned, we buff out any scratches or abrasions from the surface using our polishing machine. This leaves the surface of your jewellery looking smooth and restores the shine back to how it was when first purchased. Finally, we can offer onsite rhodium plating for white gold items.


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