Sell At Home

Sell Your Jewellery From Home & Keep It Until It Sells

At Jollys Jewellers we want to make it easier for you to sell your jewellery online and we’ve got years of experience of doing just that. Using our intuitive listing tool, years of industry expertise and our sales channels, you can sell your precious items from the comfort of your own home.
  • Keep your items until they sell on our website
  • We apraise each item to not only give you a fair retail price but to ensure our buyers pay a fair price
  • We can polish, restore & resize most items to give them a great chance of sale
  • A flat 20% selling fee will be applied to any sales

Fill In Our Listing Template

Use our easy listing template to enter the details on your jewellery.

We Approve To Our Website

Once we’ve gone over the details of your listing, we set your items live on our website.

Your Item Sells

As soon as your items sell, we email you the details on how to send your jewellery to us.

Ship Your Jewellery To Us

As soon as we receive your jewellery and confirm the details are correct, we send your payout.


Thanks to our bespoke and intuitive jewellery selling platform, you can now sell your jewellery from the comfort of your own home, keeping them in your possession until they do sell. Simple picture your items, fill in our jewellery listing form and we do the rest! You'll be emailed when your item sells and we will be in touch throughout the process with any offers, information about your jewellery or anything to help.


Jollys Jewellers employs gemologists, valuers, and goldsmiths. Meaning we can assess your items with speed and accuracy.


Being reputable jewellers, our audience specifically looks for jewellery just like yours.


Not sure how much your items are worth or want a professional opinion? You could sell your jewellery for its retail value through Jollys.


Decided against selling your item? Simply let us know and we will cancel your listing free of charge.


Sell your jewellery through Jollys Jewellers today!


Our FAQs are designed to help answer any unanswered questions or queries you may have and provide you with any further information you might need.

Jollys offers the opportunity for anybody with jewellery to sell to take advantage of our infrastructure and expertise to get the fairest possible price for their items and avoid the headache of selling privately. Use our jewellery listing template and give details of the jewellery you want to sell, upload some images and we post your item for sale on our website giving you access to our wide-reaching market place and the advantage of our impeccable reputation. Your jewellery stays in your hands until it sells.

We can help you identify any aspect of your jewellery you might be unsure about and can advise on a realistic price – fair to both you and our buyers. We levy a very reasonable selling fee, but, compared to the money you might expect selling to trade, you are sure of a handsome return.

Jollys charge a flat 20% selling fee on the final selling price of the item. For example, if your jewellery sells for £4,000, your payment is £3,200. There are no other costs to consider and the sell at home service is free to use up to the point of your jewellery selling. Were you to sell directly to a trader/dealer/pawnbroker or privately via ebay or other online marketplace – you should expect at best, 50% of the retail value.

On the item being sold, we ask that you deliver the jewellery to us with 2-3 working days of purchase. It is important for you to meet us on this timescale in order that we can abide by our terms and conditions with the buyer.  Once we have received and authenticated the item you will receive payment , minus our selling fee, via bank transfer. If we receive any offer below the pre-agreed price for your jewellery, we will always contact you first and will only proceed with the transaction with your authorisation.

We recommend displaying your jewellery on a simple, undecorated background – perhaps a white sheet or something similar. Try to use natural light – photograph near to a window. And, use a variety of angles to represent as much of the item as possible. Avoid hiding any imperfections or blemishes on your jewellery. Do not using editing software or filters. The camera on any smartphone should provide sharp enough images but feel free to use more sophisticated hardware if you have access to it.

If for any reason you change your mind and wish to end your listing, just let us know and we will immediately remove it from our website. No questions asked, no strings attached.

We operate a no returns policy to avoid complications once the transaction is complete. However, we do offer the buyer the opportunity to use our consignment service to re-sell their purchase if they decide they no longer want the item.

We recommend using the Royal Mail special delivery service. Your package is tracked and insured in the unlikely event of incident in transit. We also recommend using bubble-wrap and a rigid box, ideally ring or bracelet box, to secure your jewellery and avoid the risk of damage. Once received, we will reimburse any postage costs accrued. For items of very high-value you might consider using a courier service. Alternatively, you can arrange to drop the item off in person by visiting our Mansfield shop.