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Sell your Luxury Watches

Over the years, watches have developed into something much more than just a way of being able to tell the time. They have transformed into a big part of fashion as we know it, with different styles, different designs and different colours, a watch can be worn on any occasions. With the way that watches have developed, they have become a real work of art and a significant fashion piece for both men and women. Being able to sell watches online with us means that you can ensure your watch is being taken good care of during the inspection process, and that you will always get the best possible price.

Can I sell my watch with Jollys Jewellers?

We have a quick and easy process that allows you to sell watches online with us. Our team consists of several industry experts that have several years of experience, such as monitoring trends, previously selling similar items and developing knowledge of general market values for watches. This puts our team in a prime position to be able to offer you advice and to be able to propose a fair and accurate price for any items that you may have. We are also constantly monitoring the current markets to ensure that we have as much knowledge as we can to create a suitable final valuation for your item. Here at Jollys Jewellers, we will inspect the watch very carefully to ensure that we continue to only buy genuine and truly authentic pieces.

Sell Luxury Watches online

There are many different brands that produce luxury watches, including Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Tagheur, Patek Philippe, Breitling, IWC and many more. All of these brands produce stunning watches that are considered by many across the world to be iconic fashion pieces. The watches that these brands create possess style, integrity, reputation and class, with each of the brands having developed their brand reputation over the years due to constantly producing such beautiful timepieces. Jollys Jewellers allows you to sell watches online, with these brands and others similar to them being what we look for in particular. We appreciate the stunning designs and the effort that is put into creating these types of watches, and we are always on the lookout for more.

Popular brands of Watches

Rolex – This brand is well known across the world for producing classic, quality and collectable watches that have been subject to quality workmanship. A Rolex is a luxury wristwatch that achieves a higher retail price than most other brands.

Cartier – The Cartier wristwatches are particularly known for having high quality and being very stylish pieces. Due to the quality and their unique characteristics, Cartier watches tend to keep their value, unless they are damaged or affected by wear and tear.

Breitling – The Breitling collection is predominantly inspired by aviation and divers, proving why they are such world leaders in the watch manufacturer market for specialist technical watches. They are constantly producing new watches, known for their durability and unique style, of which is devoted to sports.

IWC – IWC watches are a huge part of history within the watch making industry, producing watches with one of the largest resale prices for watches as we know them. IWC is a popular Swiss brand and has been producing stunning watches since 1868, with elegance and luxury at the heart of the brands production of its watches.

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