At Jollys Jewellers, we will consider buying anything of value. If you have an old ring or bracelet you no longer have use for, or an item you have inherited and don’t want to keep, we will make you an offer. Find out more below about what we buy.

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Our FAQ's are sure to help with any of your unanswered questions and provide you with that extra bit of information you may want to know about.

We have been established since the 1830s and Jollys Jewellers has always been a family run business. We care about the jewellery industry and unlike most high street jewellers, we will offer you a price which not only reflects your items true value but we also promise to always try and rehouse an item, ensuring another owner can get just as much joy out it then you have rather than it being scrapped for it’s materials.

As we’re family-run, we don’t offer the strict pricing some national pawnbrokers do to ensure they make a profit even if melted down. We look at each item individually and our in house gemologist and certified valuer can offer a fair price.

We will consider almost any form of jewellery from high-end engagement rings to small silver charms. In the past we have purchased items from high end watches to a box of broken jewellery which we carefully restored and gave a new lease of life.

Without knowing all the details, it’s very difficult to say. That’s why we’ve created this handy quote form with some basic information and ability to upload images. From there, we can offer an initial quote based on the information provided. If you’re happy to proceed, we can offer a final valuation over the phone upon receiving your item which could be more than we initially offered.

This could be down to the diamond quality if it’s a high grade, it could be worth more in gold as it’s 18carat and not 9carat and so on. If you’re not happy with a final quote, we can always return your item that day.

We ship your items back via next day delivery. If you send your items in to use and you’re not happy with our final offer, we ship these back to you via next day delivery so you’re not lost without your jewellery.

We try our best to make our initial offer over email as close to the final value as possible so if you’re happy with the email quotation, we try not to deviate from this.