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How Do I Sell My Sapphire Jewellery?

Selling sapphire jewellery online can be a daunting prospect as you want to make sure that you are getting a fair price for your item. That is why Jollys Jewellers can be relied upon for our expertise and vast knowledge of the jewellery industry.

Whatever the style of your item, you can sell sapphire jewellery with ease thanks to the experts at Jollys Jewellers.

Sell Sapphire Jewellery online with Jollys Jewellers

Selling your sapphire jewellery really couldn’t be easier thanks to our easy five step selling process. Our Get A Quote Form allows you to give us all the details you can about your jewellery, enabling us to give you an initial quote. You then need to send us your jewellery for a closer appraisal which will allow us to provide you with an accurate and competitive price. We will then post a cheque straight out to you and you can start spending.

We have over 100 years of industry experience and our reputation speaks for itself. Our renowned expertise allows us to provide you with knowledge, understanding and peace of mind. We have a team of top quality gemologists who will look at the hue, saturation and tone of your sapphire in order to offer you an accurate evaluation of your jewellery.

What is Sapphire Jewellery?

Whilst sapphires are generally thought to be a deep blue, they actually exist in a rainbow of colours including pink, green, yellow, orange purple, black and even colourless. Known as ‘fancy sapphires’, these unusual tones means that there is a wide variety of sapphire jewellery on the market.

The popularity of sapphire jewellery rose largely thanks to the sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana. However, the vivid tones of blue meant that sapphires were often used as accent stones in Edwardian jewellery. At Jollys Jewellers we accept all sorts of unusual variations of sapphire jewellery, including the famous star sapphires which have a unique light reflection inside them.

If you would like to sell your branded jewellery or any other jewellery with Jollys Jewellers, visit our Get A Quote Form to input the details of your items.


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