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How Do I Sell My Emerald Jewellery?

The intense green of an emerald is something that is much sought after, so if you have decided to sell your emerald jewellery then you need to ensure it goes to professional buyer who can offer you the right price.

Here at Jollys Jewellers our gemologists are experts in emeralds and know exactly how to assess their cut and clarity. When selling jewellery it can be difficult to know where to start and can sometimes seem intimidating. By selling your emerald jewellery online with us you can get the best price for your item both safely and securely.

Sell your Emerald Jewellery online with Jollys Jewellers

You can sell your emerald jewellery in five easy steps thanks to the Jollys Jewellers online process.

  1. Complete the Get A Quote Form with as much information as you can about your emerald jewellery.
  2. Wait for us to look through your information and send you a quote based on the details you have provided.
  3. Send us your emerald jewellery through the post for a full evaluation.
  4. Let our gemologists study your piece up close and update your quote to make it as accurate as possible.
  5. Wait for your cheque to arrive in the post within a matter of days.

We have worked in the jewellery industry for many years and have handled all kinds of emerald jewellery. Its glamorous properties have made it a very popular choice and so we will accept any styles from vintage and antique to the most modern designs. We know jewellery inside out, so you can rest assured that you and your item are in safe hands. We always work to the current market value of any item and we judge its value based on the piece itself and not the price of the individual parts.

Emerald Jewellery

The fresh bright green colours of an emerald lend itself to being partnered with yellow more often than any other metal, although it can look simply stunning in a white gold or platinum setting. As the birthstone of the month of May, this precious gem has been a popular gift for centuries.

An emerald is seen as a particularly luxurious stone and even has its own style of gem cutting named after it. You can sell your emerald jewellery whether the stone is a cushion, heart trillion or even the infamous emerald cut.

The stunning emerald colour is derived from the presence of chromium and vanadium, making any emerald jewellery both striking and stunning.

If you would like to sell your diamond jewellery or any other jewellery with Jollys Jewellers, visit our Get A Quote Form to input the details of your items.


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