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How Do I Sell My Diamond Pendant?

If you have decided to sell your diamond pendant then you need a buyer that you can trust. Jollys Jewellers have years of experience behind them to ensure that your jewellery is always in safe hands.

If you choose to sell your diamond pendant online you need a service that uses expert gemologists to assess your piece. When you fill in our form with the details of your pendant our very own gemologists will study the information and photographs provided and then offer you the best quote we can. You then need to send your pendant through to us for a full inspection. Once we can see your diamond pendant for ourselves we can provide you with a more accurate quote and send through a cheque as soon as you decide to go ahead with the sale.

Sell your Diamond Pendant with Jollys Jewellers

At Jollys Jewellers we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and top notch customer service. We will always offer you the best possible quote that we can based on current market prices which makes us very competitive. We do not weigh your metal or stones, we value your piece as a whole, whether it is an understated and elegant pendant or a dazzling collection of stones.

To sell diamond pendants safely and securely, you need to look for a name you can trust. With our experience, expertise and unparalleled levels of service, Jollys Jewellers are the ideal choice.

Which types of Diamond Pendants do we buy?

We love to value and buy all styles of diamond pendant, and the two most popular styles are the solitaire setting where the diamond is mounted alone or a more elaborate halo design. Diamond pendants come in all shapes and sizes, and we will value your stones whatever their cut or carat.

We will take into account the metal that the stones are set in. Whilst this is usually gold of some form it could also be silver, palladium or platinum. The chain length and style will also be taken into account as this can vary according to the design of the pendant itself.

We will accept all forms of diamond pendant whatever its condition. Presenting the pendant in its original box and providing any supporting certificates or grading reports will help our valuers to put an accurate price on your pendant, however, it is not essential.

If you would like to sell your vintage jewellery or any other jewellery with Jollys Jewellers, visit our Get A Quote Form to input the details of your items.


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