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Why Your Engagement Ring Should Have Sapphires

18ct White Gold Princess Pink Sapphire Solitaire With Diamond Accents Ring

Sapphires are a symbol of commitment and loyalty which makes the Sapphire a perfect choice of engagement ring. Whether you’re simply browsing for inspiration or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect ring to surprise your loved one, we’ve been inspired by the month of September and all things Sapphire, especially when it comes to engagement jewellery.

What is a Sapphire?

The Sapphire is a beautiful gem that’s formed from the mineral Corundum which radiates elegance and beauty and is one of the most popular gemstones available. When Kate Middleton owns a gorgeous Sapphire ring and it’s her gemstone of choice, you know it’s a gemstone worth having. For this reason and more the Sapphire is naturally associated with royalty and we have no objections to you wanting to feel like royalty.

Sapphires will definitely have you saying ‘til death do us part as they are extremely durable, and rank an impressive 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of Hardness, they’re very difficult to scuff but like most jewellery, they still need some TLC in the form of regular cleaning and care.

18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Oval Cluster Ring

Different Cuts of Sapphires

When looking for a ring in general its useful to know what types of cuts you like the most, as there’s a few to choose from. If you’ve chosen your preferred gemstone – which we hope is the Sapphire; here are few types of cuts you can find!

  • Cushion Cut

    Also known as the pillow cut, this particular cut was first seen in the 1900’s and was originally used for diamonds. The cut itself has beautifully rounded corners and is a popular choice. The Cushion Cut allows you to see all the different colours in bright lights, so if you’re looking for a showstopper of a cut, the cushion cut may be the perfect choice.

  • Emerald Cut

    If you’re looking for something that really highlights the beauty of your Sapphire, an Emerald Cut has an open table area, with four sided facets that create a unique appearance. The cut allows for the clarity of the gem to be highlighted.

  • Heart Shaped Cut

    This cut is incredibly romantic and will certainly catch their breath! The Heart Shaped cut is really unique and is the ultimate symbol of your love. The cut should have perfect symmetry which shows off all the different facets.

  • Pear Cut

    Also known as a Tear Drop cut this particular cut is single pointed and round at the end; it’s a wonderful elegant cut that is a popular choice in various types of jewellery. The Pear Cut is said to create a slimming effect on the finger due to the shape and length of the cut.

  • Princess Cut

    A very popular cut, the Princess Cut is square in its shape and bounces off lots of light giving the gem a wonderful sparkle. If you want a cut that is high in detail and keeps a good 80% of your gemstone, the Princess Cut is the one for you.

  • Round Cut

    The Round Cut is a stunning choice and another popular choice, this particular cut allows for lots of facets for a beautiful sparkle. If you’re searching for something more traditional that’s still going to highlight the beauty of the gemstone, a Round Cut is a brilliant choice.

9Ct Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Different Colours of Sapphires

The wonderful thing about Sapphires is how diverse they are – mainly in colour. If you want a more vibrant and playful engagement ring, the Sapphire doesn’t just come in blue. You can also find the gemstone in pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, colourless and black! The only colour you won’t find Sapphires in is red, which is actually a Ruby, as they come from the same mineral.

What makes the different colours we find in Sapphires? That’s all down to certain traces of elements within the corundum, such as: Chromium, Iron, Titanium, Copper, Magnesium and Vanadium. It’s these different elements that give us a wonderful choice of colours.

You’ll discover that no Sapphire is ever the same as the next, because they were formed naturally under the Earth’s crust millions of years ago, each one is completely different and when the Sapphire itself isn’t treated with heat or chemicals, each stone has its own variation on hue, shade and intensity.

Here’s a quick breakdown of different coloured Sapphires:

Blue Sapphires

  • The Blue in Sapphires is due to traces of Titanium and Iron.
  • Like most gems, the Sapphire is evaluated on its hue, saturation and tone.
  • There are several shades of Blue you’ll find in Sapphires, they range from Light Blue to Black Blue.

Green Sapphires

  • If you love Emeralds, than you’ll adore Green Sapphires, they’re more durable that Emeralds against daily wear and still look just as beautiful.
  • The colour Green comes from the traces of Iron and Copper.
  • Green Sapphires have shades similar to Olive and Khaki colours.

Pink and Purple Sapphires

  • To be sure your Pink Sapphire isn’t a Ruby, look for bright baby Pink shades to dark Fuchsia, they must be clear and bright.
  • A Purple Sapphire is created by an element called vanadium being present in its structure; you’ll be able to see the Purple hues in the gem as you move it.
  • There is a very fine line between Pink and Purple Sapphires, so if you’re looking specifically for a Pink Sapphire, go with a shade that you love the most.

Orange and Yellow Sapphires

  • Iron is present within Yellow and Orange Sapphires.
  • The Yellow shades can vary from a pale Yellow to intense, almost tangerine like colour, if you’re looking for the best Yellow Sapphires, look closely for golden tones.
  • Yellow diamonds have become a popular trend within celebrity engagement rings, so if you’re looking for something similar but more affordable, a bright yellow sapphire is a perfect alternative.

9ct White Gold Oval Pink Sapphire and Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Metals That Compliment Sapphires

You may be happy to browse different styles until one catches your eye, but have you thought about the type of metal that holds everything together?


Gold is naturally a timeless go-to choice of metal and depending on the colour you’ve chosen for your Sapphire, it might change your decision of which metal to go for. Warm coloured Sapphires will always go with Gold and even White Sapphires, as they will stand out against the gold tones.

White Gold

White Gold is a combination of Gold and other metals such as Zinc, Silver, Platinum and Nickel. White gold is durable and is more cost effective than Platinum. The colour also works with all colours of Sapphires, especially if you’ve chosen a bright, blue, pink or yellow, the white gold with certainly make your Sapphire stand out.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is created by adding copper to Gold and is becoming a popular choice of metal as it’s very elegant and romantic, a wonderful choice of metal if you’re going for a Pink, White or yellow as these colours blend gently together, however most coloured Sapphires will go with Rose Gold, it’s entirely down to preference.

Alternative metals also include, Sterling Silver, Cobalt, Stainless Steel and Titanium to name a few.

Vintage 9Ct Yellow Gold Simulated Sapphire/Diamond Cluster Ring

A History of Sapphires

The Sapphire has been used for many many years throughout history, and so naturally it’s passed down beliefs and powers that ancient cultures would associate the Sapphire with, here’s a few of our favourites.

  • The Sapphire was believed to have mysterious powers of healing and that those who wore Sapphires would be brought knowledge.
  • Greek mythology speaks of the Sapphire as a stone that was highly valued by the gods. Even throughout history the Sapphire was worn by royalty, which represented wealth and was believed to protect them from envy.
  • If you wore the Sapphire, ancient cultures believed it would bring harmony between lovers and bring great social interaction between lovers and friends.
  • As well as the Sapphire being a talisman of magic and wonder, it’s also the birthstone of September and the zodiac gem for Virgo. Traditionally you would give a Sapphire as a gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.

18Carat Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond Halo Cluster

Famous Sapphires

The Sapphire is one of those gemstone which oozes beauty, wealth and of course royalty, one of the most famous Blue Sapphires is the engagement ring given to Lady Diana by Prince Charles which was worn once more by Kate Middleton. The ring itself features an incredible oval blue Sapphire which is surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Star Sapphires are incredibly beautiful and they have a very distinct look, the reflections within the gem give a star-like reflection, and they can be found in pink, blue, white, grey, purple, yellow and black! A very expensive Star Sapphire which is named the ‘Star of India’ weighed 563.35 carats and was almost flawless!

Other famous Sapphires you may recognise, is the beautiful Sapphire necklace seen in Titanic, known as the ‘Heart of the Ocean’, the stunning jewellery piece is the center of the heart warming love story and so a Sapphire engagement ring could the center of yours.

There are so many different combinations you can create with Sapphires, apart from choosing the perfect colour and metal you can also combine the style of ring itself, such as Eternity Rings, which embrace symbols of eternal love or Wishbone Rings that celebrate the wonderful feeling of making a wish and have it come true. If you’re looking for something that’s out of the box, looking into Vintage and Antique Sapphire engagement rings will give you something truly unique to you.

18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring

If you’re interested in buying a Sapphire Engagement Ring, we hope you’ll take a look at the beautiful selection of jewellery we have at Jollys Jewellers.