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The Meaning of Wishbone Rings


What is the meaning of a wishbone ring? A question that gets asked often and one we want to help answer! It’s incredibly interesting how history and meaning is passed down through jewellery. The wishbone ring is no exception!


You may discover that you are already familiar with the Wishbone Ring. As the name goes, their shape is familiar of an actual Wishbone that you may come across in a turkey or a chicken.

Have you ever come across a wishbone before in a turkey or chicken? We associate the wishbone with luck, which comes from those who lived in the Roman Empire and 4th century.

The act of pulling a Wishbone became a popular Thanksgiving tradition in the USA. It’s believed the one left with the bones ‘V’ will have all their wishes come true. Based on this popular tradition, the shape of the Wishbone was used for pendants and charms.

If you were the person who won the larger end of the wishbone, this is what’s called the ‘lucky break’. You would then make a wish and have it granted.

Turkeys were not always used for this tradition, hens were in fact used before turkeys. As time moved on, geese, turkey and guinea fowl were top choices for this tradition instead of hens.


In the early 1900’s, you would start to see the wishbone ring on greeting cards and postcards. It also became a symbol of finding love and you would hang a wishbone above a door, like you would mistletoe.

Jewellery that was symbolic, became popular with the Victorians. They loved wearing gemstones that had hidden meanings associated with them. The evolution of wishbone jewellery moved past luck and became a symbol of love. The act of giving a wishbone ring, was believe to bring two people closer together.

Aside from love, a wishbone still represents luck for many. Giving someone jewellery that looks like an actual wishbone is common for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Where as the wishbone ring would be worn for engagements and weddings.

What makes wishbone rings even more special, are those set with diamonds. Diamonds are one of the most durable substances on earth and so this married with the idea of the wishbone ring creates a sense of strength and long-lasting luck which will stay with couples who wear wishbone rings.


Wishbone rings are worn as wedding rings or engagement rings and there’s very good reason for it!

Wishbone rings are actually convenient with other jewellery pieces. Due to its ‘V’ shape, it’s very easy to wear another ring before it, where it can sit comfortably on your finger. This way, you can avoid having your other ring scratched and damaged.

So, why not treat yourself to an even bigger diamond and marry it with your wishbone ring?

How To Wear A Wishbone Ring

Which way should a wishbone ring face? Many believe wishbone rings should face with the ‘V’ part facing down. If worn this way, it makes it much easier to stack your engagement ring on the same finger, without them rubbing.

This being said, you can wear your wishbone ring which ever way feels more comfortable. But if you’re after ease and convenience, wearing the right facing away may be the best choice.


One simple reason the wishbone ring has been popular for so long is that it is beautiful to look at. For those who want something unique, the wishbone ring is a fabulous choice.You can find wishbone rings in a range of styles and designs, some more prominent than others. Some come with diamonds and many come with various gemstone accompaniments.

You can also find the wishbone shape in a range of jewellery styles. Discover the wishbone in charms, necklaces, pendants and more, there are so many ways you can have your own piece of luck.

Wishbone jewellery is the perfect gift for a special event, whether that’s a birthday, graduation or even a new home or job. Giving someone the symbol of luck and love will ensure they get all their wishes and more.

If you’re searching for the perfect Wishbone ring for that special occasion or person, see our beautiful collection online.