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July Birthstone: The Ruby

9Carat Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring

If you’re born in July then your birthstone is the wonderful Ruby, a beautiful gemstone full of life and colour. The Ruby is a symbol of love and is treasured by many different cultures, all with tales related to its beauty.

What Is A Ruby?

The Ruby is a precious stone that consists of the mineral corundum. When corundum is in its purest form ,it has no colour but due to Chromium – which becomes part of the minerals crystal structure – it causes colour variations, giving the Ruby is beautiful red colour. Although the Ruby and the Sapphire have the same mineral structure, it’s the impurities that determine whether the gem will be red or blue.

However you may find that a Ruby isn’t simply red, you may discover pinkish, purplish, orange or brownish tones of Ruby. The most sought after Ruby is one that has a strong colour of red with just a hint of blue. Due to the different colour tones, a pinkish-red ruby can sometimes be referred to as a Pink Sapphire.

Rubies are a 9 on the Mohs scale, making it a gem that’s extremely long lasting, which makes for excellent jewellery that can withstand general wear and tear.

9ct White Gold Ruby & Rose Quartz Cluster Ring

The History of the Ruby

The Ruby got its name from the Latin word for red which is ‘ruber’. Rubies are mainly sourced from Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. However there are many places around the world that source rubies including India, Brazil, Australia and the USA.

The Ruby is considered a magnificent gemstone and has many connections and sym
bols from ancient cultures that used the stone for a variety of reasons. The Ruby has always been seen as a talisman for passion, prosperity and protection. Some believe it’s a symbol of the sun in which its glowing hue represents a flame within the stone that will never go out.

Worn as amulets and worn in charms to fight off danger, past cultures believed the Ruby would keep the body safe from harm and would eliminate any sadness that the wearer may feel and fill the wearer with peace.

9Ct Yellow Gold 7" Princess Ruby & Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Modern Ruby

You may find the Ruby has a mixture of cuts, the most common cuts however is the oval and cushion cuts but you’ll find the Ruby in round, triangular, pear, emerald-cut and marquise cuts. The reason ovals and cushion cuts are more popular is because they preserve the rough weight of the Ruby. To enhance the colour of rubies they are exposed to a heat treatment which is considered to be a permanent enhancement.

The Ruby has been used as a gemstone for centuries and can be seen in multiple jewellery styles such as Art Deco, contemporary fine jewellery and Indian Jewellery. Some rubies have gold settings so that they contrast, showing off the brilliant colour of the ruby, however most modern jewellery has white gold and platinum settings which hold the gemstone.

Quick Facts about Rubies

  • The Ruby is known as the stone of love and is the perfect gift for someone special
  • Rubies are the 3rd strongest stone in the world!
  • Although they come in many shades of red the most wanted is said to a ‘pigeon blood red colour’
  • All rubies have flaws – if you find a flawless ruby, it could be more expensive than a diamond
  • To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, real ruby slippers were created and included 4,600 rubies! (Crafted by Harry Winston)

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