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How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Engagement Ring

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Christmas Eve is the most popular time for popping the question, so if you’re thinking about the big moment, it’s great to be prepared! Our guide will fill you with confidence on how to choose the perfect engagement ring for that perfect moment.

Do your research

Before you even begin searching for rings, do your research! Begin with discovering your partners taste in jewellery, as there are many different styles and that includes the type of gem you may be after. The most popular gem for engagement rings is the diamond with the sapphire being the second most common, so if you’re really unsure on the type of gem to pick, a diamond would be the best option. However if you’re certain your partner would prefer something different, perhaps choosing a coloured gem stone could be a better choice, Sapphires come in a variety of colours and rank 9 on the Mohs scale, meaning it’s quite resistant to every day wear and will keep its quality for longer, just like the Diamond with is a 10 on the Mohs scale.

Choosing the perfect Gemstone shape

Finding the right shaped gemstone could save you some money, if you’re looking into a diamond ring, you should be aware that round diamonds are the most popular and therefore very expensive, however if you look for a diamond that isn’t round you could save yourself a lot of money and still have a beautiful ring. If you are moving away from a round diamond, look towards a square diamond, known as a princess cut or a cushion cut, which has a square appearance but is rounder at the edges, there are many different cuts, so have a look around before you settle.

Choosing the right metal

Once you’ve decided on the perfect Gemstone, consider the metal of the ring itself, the obvious choices are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Yellow gold is a popular choice, as it’s very traditional and is the purest colour of all the coloured gold’s. Remember the higher the karat, the purer the ring content. It’s also a good choice as it requires the least amount of maintenance, it’s very durable but can easily be scratched, so it’s one that should be cherished and taken care of regularly.

9Carat Yellow Gold Simulated Diamond Solitaire Ring

White gold rings are elegant and really compliments the shine and clarity of diamonds, they are slightly more scratch resistant than Yellow Gold but may require more attention when it comes to the colour, as over time it can fade. Jollys Jewellers however, can advise on how to take care of your rings and offer a complete cleaning and polishing service.

18ct White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Rose Gold is very romantic and continues to grow as a popular choice for most buyers. Most rose gold rings are more affordable and durable due to the metal content, however as it’s not a traditional choice for engagement rings, it’s best to be sure this is right choice before buying.

Rose Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring


Finally, Platinum has a natural silver exterior and cannot be sold as platinum unless it contains 95%, otherwise it would be sold as platinum alloy. The durability is much stronger than gold, however it’s quite expensive, so if you’re looking for a similar look, white gold would be a better option. Like most of the above metals, it will require love and attention over time and me need a polish and clean.

Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Fancy something less traditional?

If you know your partner would love something different to the norm, perhaps consider an antique ring, there can be many benefits to investing in an antique engagement ring and you’ll know your partner has something unique. Many antique rings come with an interesting history and a romantic presence that new rings simply don’t have. You’ll know for certain you have a one of a kind ring that can continue to be passed down through your family and gain more value in the years to come.

Antique 18Carat Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Garnet Eternity Ring

Can’t find the ring you’re searching for?

If you’ve searched and searched and haven’t found that perfect ring, maybe sadly, it doesn’t exist, but it can. Try a custom designed engagement ring, Jollys Jewellers can create custom jewellery, if you’ve got an idea, or a sketch, we can bring your design to life. Prices will naturally depend of the elements of the ring but it will be completely unique to you and your partner.

Maybe you’ve found the perfect ring, but want a little something extra? You can have rings engraved, perhaps with a special message or date? We can do that too, there are lots of ways to make a ring personal and special, any questions you have, we’re more than happy to answer.

Finding the right ring size

Most importantly, make sure you know their ring size! Of course don’t panic if you’re unsure, having a look at the jewellery they already own can give a good indication of size, or you can always bring a piece to the jewellery store to get an exact size. Don’t forget you can always get rings re-sized so that they’re a perfect fit.

If you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring this Christmas, contact us by either phone, email or even come see us locally, we have a range of jewellery services to make sure everything is perfect for that big moment.