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Jollys Create New Custom Piece for Client

Recently, the team at Jollys created a new custom piece for a customer, with fantastic results!
The customer came into one of our branches with a print out of a ring they had seen elsewhereand asked if we could create something very similar but at a lesser cost.

At Jollys we are never affraid of a challenge, so our goldsmith crafted the ring by hand, complete with a loose diamond from our current stock. The customer was delighted with the finished product and it was exactly what they wanted and at a price they were very happy with.

A selection of images from the project can be seen below, from the original concept to the finished product. If you would like us to create the perfect custom piece of jewellery for you contact our team today.

To view some of our other custom work, check out our YouTube channel where we have some great videos showing you how to make diamond stud earrings, as well as tips on how to repair a gold ring.