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Jewellery To Wear Into 2018!

Head into the New Year looking fabulous! If you haven’t already selected the jewellery you want to wear into 2018, here’s out top picks.


Don’t hesitate to wear big, bold gemstones – rings are made for them! Grab yourself a huge pop of colour, the biggest gemstone you can find and wear it with passion through the night.

We’ve picked three spectacular gemstones; Tanzanite, Pink Topaz and Green Quartz. All three of these rings have a beautiful cut and clarity and will no doubt shine and sparkle under the New Year fireworks.

For those who want something stunning but more subtle the Tanzanite Ring is perfect for you, with three beautifully cut round Tanzanites, they will capture the light perfectly without overpowering the rest of your chosen jewellery pieces.

If you’re after a show stopper, we recommend the Pink Topaz Cluster Ring or the Green Quartz and Diamond Cluster Ring. Both rings have amazing colour and plenty of personality, so if you’re a fan of chunky and want to mix and match with thickness and textures, these are perfect to party in.

Rings to wear into 2018


Depending on your other accessories, earrings can be tricky to style.

If your other jewellery pieces are small and delicate you can go for show stopper earrings such as our chosen Emerald Drop Earrings which will hang beautifully down the neck and with an if you’re having your hair up, you can show them off all night!

If you have a gold theme to your outfit, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of rose gold, especially if they’re hoop earrings! So you can wear these all year-round, we’ve selected a stunning pair of Half Hoop Earrings that have been designed with a stunning textured pattern.

For a formal night ahead, you might simply be after diamonds – but don’t shy away from a little bit of colour.

If you’re after jewellery that matches, in addition to our Tanzanite ring, why not go for some Tanzanite and Diamond Stud Earrings. The shape in which these have been designed hang beautifully on the ear and will sparkle and shine under fairy lights.

Earrings to wear into 2018


There are so many different styles of bracelets, it can be quite difficult to choose the right one!

It’s all about comfort with bracelets, as some styles fit your wrist perfectly and others are designed to hang, you want to make sure you’re happy with bracelets moving up and down your arm – or you want one that’s fitted and designed to stay put!

We’ve chosen three gorgeous bracelets that will go with most formal outfits.

Our first bracelet is this undoubtly gorgeous Multi-Coloured Sapphire and Diamond Tennis bracelet and as Tennis bracelets are a timeless piece of jewellery, you can’t go wrong with one in your collection.

If you’re after something with a small amount of detail, the next two bracelets are subtle but sweet.

Both have a lovely heart design, however the bracelet on the top right of the image is more fitted as it has structure.

The bottom right bracelet is more relaxed but has a delicate and thin chain which would look stunning on any size wrist.

Bracelets to wear into 2018


Head into the New Year with the perfect necklace or pendant, as there are so many styles and designs to choose from, we were simply spoiled for choice!

Our final three, we think have character and charm which we hope you will love also!

The first chosen necklace is this gorgeous Butterfly pendant, this would look perfect with a low neckline as it can lay comfortably down the neck and add a little something extra to a plain dress or top.

If you’re after something a little different, we selected a Onyx Heart Pendant and with a long chain of 19 inches, this would also hang beautifully on low and high necklines, adding a bit of drama and shine to your overall outfit.

For something really special, you can never go wrong with diamonds, so naturally we couldn’t resist this stunning Amethyst gemstone pendant. If you want sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle, this cluster of diamonds will shine and glisten all night.

Necklaces to wear into 2018


If you’re looking for the perfect jewellery for a special evening or event, browse our beautiful selection of rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings and more, so you can shine and sparkle just like your jewellery!