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What Jewellery Suits Your Face Shape?


Now, we’re not saying you’re wearing the wrong jewellery – but you could be missing out on jewellery that highlights the wonderful features of your face. So here’s a great guide that you can read on the go when picking the perfect jewellery that suits your face shape.

When it comes to choosing what jewellery to purchase, most people naturally take into consideration things like skin tone and perhaps the shape of your hands if you’re buying rings, but for other types of jewellery such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets, what other things should be considered before purchasing?

What Is Your Face Shape?

There are 6 different types of face shapes (or jaw shapes) we’re familiar with and these are:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Heart Shapes
  • Triangular
  • Rectangular
  • Diamond

You can determine this by drawing the outline of your face on a mirror or have a friend photograph your face; there are many examples online for every face shape, so you’re sure to find yours!

What Jewellery is Suited for You?


Round face are in good proportion, with no extreme angles or harsh lines on the jaw line or cheek bones and so those with round faces would benefit from long or drop earrings to give more length and shape, however most if not all styles of earrings are ideal for those with round faces, giving you plenty of freedom to buy the jewellery you love.

You could also mix and match stud earrings with long necklaces and pendants to create a similar effect and elongating your features.


Quite the opposite of those with round faces, square faces are naturally sculptured and have strong features such as wide jaw lines. To balance this out without taking away from the wonderful features of square faces, delicate long jewellery pieces simply add to the overall look.

For example, if you want to wear earrings, opt for slim drop or chandelier earrings as opposed to chunky hoop earrings which may become more of a distraction. Thin chains, long or short, with statement pendants give you two points of interest (one being your face) and the other your jewellery pieces.

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As oval faces, are well, oval, they’re slightly longer than round faces and so wearing jewellery that hangs low might make your features appear longer, so to keep everything proportionate by choosing studs or shorter drop earrings that can still give you that elegant look you’re after.

Shorter chains and necklaces that sit beautiful along your collar bone go well will oval face shapes as the way we follow the angles of jewellery will stop the illusion of your face being long and we can admire your lovely jewellery our eyes lead us to your necklace or pendant.


Heart faces are wider at the forehead and come together around the chin and jaw line (like a heart) for this reason, choker or collar style necklaces that stay high around the neck can create the illusion of a more full face, balancing out the wider forehead.

If you’re struggling to choose right earrings, heart shaped faces benefit from pear or tear drop cut earrings as they hand just a right length without being too long or too short, giving your jaw more shape and curve.


Similar to other face shapes that have strong jaw lines, those with triangular faces should look to add shorter length jewellery into their collection, specifically pieces that have delicate curved pendants.

Similar advice for earrings is to keep them short, but that doesn’t mean they have to be simple! Decorative earcuffs that curve up the ear, stud earrings and the occasional short drop earring will help to give the illusion of a more balanced face shape. If you want to try something completely different, wearing headbands, fascinators and other head accessories will balance out the top angle of triangular faces.


Rectangular faces are long and slim but features of the jaw, cheek bones and chin are in proportion with each other, as rectangular faces are similar to oval faces, similar advice comes with it, so you can highlight the wonderful shape of rectangular faces without making the shape appear too long and unproportionate.

Go for short necklaces and chains or even chokers and collars that have large beads or pendants that break up the line around the jaw line, shortening features slightly. For earrings, choose large and even chunky hoops or curved jewellery that will create its own space around your face, softening the sharp lines of rectangular faces.

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For those with diamond face shapes, you’ll know your features are quite sharp and to the point (pardon the pun). For this face shape, we advise sticking to earrings that are in proportion to your face, meaning really you’ll find most earrings suit a diamond face shape.

As diamond faces are quite angular top and bottom, keeping the length of necklaces and chains fairly short can help to create a softer face shape as it stops creating a long eye journey from forehead to neck and below. However this does works well if you’re wearing a suitable neckline such as V neck and a long pendant / necklace that sits nicely within that shape.

Jewellery is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and can be great for highlighting parts of your face your love! Browse our shop today for beautiful jewellery that shows off those wonderful facial features.