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Why Art Deco Jewellery Should Be In Your Jewellery Box

We’re always being inspired by the jewellery that we see, so much so that Art Deco has captured our eyes and our imagination. Taking a step back into the roaring 1920’s we can only imagine the stunning parties and social events that rocked Art Deco jewellery. This new style oozed elegance and class and left a lasting impression that can still be enjoyed today.

The History of Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco began its course in the early 1900’s as a mixture of different styles, created by a group of French artists; they began a formal collective known as ‘La Societe des Artistes Decoratures’ (The Society of the Decorator Artists) of Paris. Art Deco began to affect all types of media through to architecture, film, painting, interiors and one we all know – fashion!

As fashion and jewellery began to transform through the Art Deco period, styles became extremely bold and represented the world around it. We can see clearly that Art Deco was inspired by geometric, angular and triangular shapes yet mixing these shapes with symmetry for intricate patterns that told stories. The new fashion statements gave way to beautiful cocktail rings, bangle bracelets, long earrings and pendants.

Not only was jewellery the centre piece to most women’s outfits, accessories in general became a must have at any event. Accessories such as beautifully detailed cigarette cases and compacts were decorated with jewels and were almost if not just as important as the jewellery itself.

As the Art Deco period began to become more and more popular, Diamonds were being used in new and exciting ways, new cuts were being created and so new shapes were formed, giving the jewellery a new sense of creative freedom that sparkle through. Cuts such as Pear, Emerald and Marquise were very similar to the cuts we see today, due to their geometrical nature they blended in perfectly with the Art Deco period.

Art Deco Jewellery Is Bold!

If diamonds weren’t enough, vibrant coloured gems became the centre piece to most jewellery pieces. Gemstones such as Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire became hugely popular and were used for dramatic effects that made the jewellery stand out even more.

If you look at Art Deco jewellery closely you can see many examples tell stories or take on images and intricate patterns and shapes, from using coloured stones and diamonds these beautiful designs could be achieved.

Due to the First World War, women transformed their looks due to them taking on more physical work; they shortened their hair and raised their hemlines. This carried on after the war as the Art Deco trend began to slowly make its way into the way women styled themselves. As they had short hair, jewellery items such as long drop earrings became a popular item as it was easy to show off and the more dramatic the jewellery, the better.

Art Deco 9Ct Yellow Gold Sapphire Daisy Cluster & Diamond Halo Studs

Getting Married?

You can wear Art Deco jewellery whenever you please, however if you’re looking to go all out, an Art Deco engagement or wedding ring is the way to go. If you’re far from traditional and want a wedding event to go out with a bang there are so many ideas out there that can transition any old venue into a roaring party full of glamour and class. Be inspired by The Great Gatsby and everything 1920’s, it’s glamour at its best and can be transitioned beautifully into wedding décor.

Opt for beautiful geometric graphics on invitations, for key interior features you could choose from pearls, beads and gold tones that would really capture the magic that Art Deco created. Diamond brooches could be used as table features and mixing lace and silks will give that sultry and classic feel for a reception dining area.

When it comes to jewellery the choices are endless, choosing a stand out vintage or antique wedding ring is a piece that will carry the memory of your Art Deco wedding forever. Depending on how elaborate the wedding dress is, opting for more subtle jewellery that may have subtle pops of colour will give a lovely feature to the entire outfit. Short and up-do hairstyles that show off the neck go perfect with lovely long drop-earrings and will match the period’s style with great elegance.

See our Art Deco Pinterest Board for some inspirational Art Deco images.

Final Piece of Advice

If you’re looking to purchase Art Deco jewellery, there are a few things you should know beforehand. As jewellery in this period became extremely popular most pieces were massed produced and were created using low quality stones, however to find those authentic pieces, here are a few tips.

  • Authentic Art Deco pieces usually have a marker’s mark and hallmark stamp
  • Most Art Deco diamond rings will come with a report which contains information on the stone’s grade qualities and carat size
  • Choose antique retailers when looking for high quality jewellery of this period

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