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Eternity Ring Meaning: A Guide

10th March 2016

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Eternity Rings apparently date all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times, approximately 4000 years ago. The history books show that some of earlier versions of Eternity Rings represented a design which had the appearance of a snake consuming its own tail. This particular design and style of ring is known as ‘Ouroboros’ rings, and is still sold today. The name for the Eternity ring may have also come from Egyptian times as the design of the ring represents an eternal circle that could never be broken.

Eternity Ring Traditions

The Eternity ring is given at several occasions, which all represent love; such as a 1st, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, the ring is a reminder that the love that was expressed on the wedding day will last forever. Not only are they given on wedding anniversaries but some couples choose to give an Eternity ring after a first born, as a full Eternity ring has diamonds which go all the way around the band, to some it represents the circle of life, perfect for welcoming a new born into the family.


What’s The Difference Between a Full Eternity Ring and a Half Eternity Ring?

The Eternity ring has two different designs, a full and a half. Some people may argue that a full Eternity ring is more glamorous as the diamonds go around the entire band, making the ring feel more luxurious and beautiful, however because some diamonds are on the underside of your hand, it can mean that the diamonds are more likely to catch easily, however if taken care of, this can be avoided.

Half Eternity rings can be more beneficial to those who want something beautiful but comfortable, as the diamonds always stay on the outside of the hand and so rarely get caught or snag on anything. They also tend to be more affordable but by no means are they less beautiful or valuable in terms of what it means symbolically to the buyer.

Diamonds and Gems in Eternity Rings

Diamonds are a popular gem used for Eternity rings as they are very strong if not one of the strongest gems, Diamonds are also a sign of loyalty and love, fitting the nature of the Eternity ring perfectly.

However if you would prefer something different, coloured gemstones are also used within Eternity rings and can give a wonderful pop of colour, keeping the style modern but keeping in with traditions. Choosing coloured gemstones is a perfect idea if you’re choosing to gift someone an Eternity ring on a birthday, in which you can choose the relevant birthstone or if the ring is for a 40th wedding anniversary, choosing an Eternity ring with Rubies in it will suit the occasion perfectly.



Eternity Rings aren’t Just for Women

Although traditionally these rings were worn by women, they’re becoming more popular for men also, as the design evolves; modern styles and new fashion trends have made them available for men as well. This is a brilliant idea if a couple are looking for rings that match or are very similar to each other.

How are Eternity Rings made?

Handcrafted Eternity Rings are fairly difficult to create, as they require precision for an excellent finish. If the rings are handcrafted it’s incredibly important that the band joins together without any visible lines.

The chosen gems are then carefully placed, once they are correct in size, cut, clarity and colour. It’s vital that the gemstones must be the correct size as this ensures that all the gemstones can sit perfectly side by side around the band, avoiding any gaps. This takes a high amount of skill and patience, something worth remembering next time you’re looking at Eternity rings; consider the time and hard work put into placing each stone into the band.

There are however a varied amount of designs and so not every Eternity ring is the same, as some gemstones aren’t placed side by side, some may have décor between each gem to vary in design and detail.

How to Pick the Best Eternity Ring

These beautiful rings are a perfect addition to a wedding and engagement ring or even as a wedding or engagement ring. They symbolise eternal love and can mark any special occasion you choose to celebrate. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary or welcoming a new baby into the family, the Eternity Ring can be treasured forever to commemorate that special occasion.

Look into both full and half eternity rings as both can differ in designs and styles, giving you a huge choice of beautiful rings.

Vintage 9carat Yellow Gold Simulated Ruby Full Eternity Band

Explore our huge range of eternity rings at Jollys Jewellers, we have a beautiful collection of antique, vintage and new rings that are perfect for wedding anniversaries, engagement rings, birthday gifts and more.

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