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What you need to know about the Emerald Birthstone

White Gold Diamond and Emerald Ring

As summer begins to break through the clouds of spring what better gem could possibly marry with Summer, better than the Emerald?

It’s beautiful tones of green go hand in hand with nature and make you feel rejuvenated. Let’s explore this mysterious gem and all its magical qualities.

The History of the Emerald

How is the Emerald formed? – The Emerald is formed like other natural gemstone crystals and grows one molecule at a time! Under correct conditions, enough time and space is required so that the crystals can grow.

Emeralds mined today will have been a part of the earth’s crust for millions of years.

In fact some of the first mined emeralds would have been in ancient Egypt. It’s said that Cleopatra was an avid wearer of Emeralds and would wear them from head to toe.

Other cultures also enjoyed the magic that the emerald possessed. These other cultures believed that that the emerald would bring them good luck and enhance their well-being.

Although our cultures may be centuries apart, our traditions are somewhat similar to those discovered in the past.

Emeralds can be given as gifts for many occasions. Common traditions are the 20th and 55th year of marriage, the latter is known as the ‘Emerald Anniversary’.

The emerald is not used only for marriage, you can gift an emerald for birthdays – an obvious choice would be for someone celebrating a birthday in May. It’s also a wonderful Spring gift for engagements and even to celebrate a new member of the family.

The origin on the emeralds name comes from several sources sources. First, the Greek word ‘smargdos’ and the Old French word ‘emserelde’ – which is a very familiar name but it also means ‘green gemstone’.

Yellow Gold, Pear Cut Emerald and Diamond Pendant and Earring Set

The Emerald’s Magical Qualities

The emerald is a wonderful representation of rebirth. So much so that the ancient Roman’s dedicated the Emerald to the Goddess of Love, beauty and fertility – Venus. As a result, the Emerald was often given to young wives and mothers as a gift.

If your star sign is Taurus, modern astrology suggests that the Emerald is aligned with your star sign and symbolises wisdom, love, fidelity and patience.

Wonderful myths associated with the Emerald Birthstone

1 – The Emerald is known as the ‘Stone of Successful love’ as it brings bliss, loyalty and unconditional love within relationships

2 –The Emerald is said to have the ability to sharpen ones wits and potentially predict future events

3 – If you’re searching for a soul mate, wearing an Emerald out of sight, yet near to the heart is believed to attract love

4 – Some cultures used the Emerald as an antidote for poisons and infected wounds

5 – Wearing Emeralds is said to increase radiance and even preserve youthfulness!

Vintage Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Eternity Ring

The Emerald in the Present Day

The Emerald we see to today is mainly used in jewellery. Over the gemstones existence we’ve been spoilt by the diversity of the Emerald.

If you’re searching for an Emerald ring, you may come across the traditional ‘Emerald cut’ which is a large, flat table like shape that really shows off the emeralds green hues.

The Emerald can be transformed into many different cuts. There is a large variety of options when buying Emerald jewellery. When assessing Emeralds, they’re often done so similar to that of diamonds, by their clarity, colour, cut and carat weight.

The emerald ranks 7.8-8 on the Mohs scale; although they’re suitable for daily wear, they can still be fragile to scratches and hard surfaces.

Taking care of your emerald is simple. Use warm soapy water to wash your gemstone and it will continue sparkling. You can also choose to have your jewellery professionally cleaned, which will ensure your Emeralds look like new!

Emeralds have many depths to them due to its facets and sparkle; emeralds also appear to have a glow from within. You can find different shades of emerald, all of which may have a striking or soft appearance, depending on the lighting. The beautiful thing about emeralds is each one is unique.

White Gold Pear Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

If we’ve inspired you to see the magical glow of the Emerald for yourself, enjoy our collection Emerald jewellery at Jollys Jewellers.