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December Birthstone: The Blue Topaz


The Blue Topaz is the birthstone of December, it resembles crystal icicles and the twinkle of snow; it’s the perfect gem that will make a fantastic gift this Christmas. The beautiful gem represents calmness, friendship and gentleness, as its sparkling blue shades will give you the feeling of ease – something that’s much needed around the festive period.

Where Did It All Begin?

There are several myths about how the Topaz received its name, some believe the word ‘Topaz’ comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ which can translate to passion, fire and heat, whilst others believe the gem received its name from a Greek word ‘Topazos’ which means ‘to search’, whichever you believe it doesn’t retract the stunning beauty of the gem.

The Topaz is usually found in Brazil, United States, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and in other places across the globe. A brilliant feature of the Topaz is it doesn’t just come in blue; you can find it in other colours such as yellow, orange, red, brown, pink, gold and almost translucent.

As we know, the Topaz is the birthstone for December, and those born in December are said to be pleasant and patient, which is believed to have been contributed through the healing powers of the December birthstone.

The Colours of Blue Topaz

What’s more brilliant about the blue topaz specifically, is are 3 shades to choose from;

Sky Blue Topaz

This shade is the lightest and can sometimes be used as an alternative to the aquamarine gem. Its beautiful icy-like exterior is elegant and a classic gem.

Vintage 9Carat Yellow Gold Topaz Pendant

Swiss Blue Topaz

The Swiss Blue Topaz is the next shade in line, slightly darker in colour but that doesn’t stop it from being the most dazzling, as it exudes the likeness of a crystal clear ocean.

9ct Yellow Gold Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant

London Blue Topaz

This particular type and shade of Topaz is the most valuable, with a deep colour of blue it can also have subtle hints of grey. Its mesmerising depth of clarity and colour is clear to understand why it’s so valuable.

9Ct Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Solitaire w/Simulated Diamonds Ring

Blue Topaz Myths & Legends

The blue topaz has a lot of myths and legends that surround it, for example; The Romans would associate the blue topaz with their god, Jupiter and that the gem would provide them with strength and power. Other strange and wonderful myths were that the gem was believed to change the colour of foods that were poisoned.

There are two famous Topaz gems, the American Golden Topaz which almost weighed an outstanding 22,892.5 carats! And The Chalmers Topaz, which was an incredible 5.899.5 carats!

December Birthstone Gift Guide

If you’re thinking of buying a blue topaz gift, they’re perfect for those special wedding anniversaries, mainly the 4th and 23rd; however the 23rd anniversary is represented by an imperial topaz. They’re still however, a perfect birthday, celebration or Christmas gift, as you can find the blue topaz in rings, bracelets, earrings and brooches.

9ct Yellow Gold Simulated Blue Topaz & Simulated Diamond Eternity

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