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November Birthstone: The Citrine & Topaz

Citrine and Topaz Flower Ring

If you were born in November then you have the option of two birthstones! – Citrine and Topaz. Both gemstones are believed to have magical qualities with many myths which have been passed down through centuries, and whilst they may seem similar in appearance they’re both quite different.

The Citrine Gemstone

Citrine has several nicknames, including Gold Topaz or Spanish Topaz, even though it has little to do with the topaz family, apart from maybe colour. The Citrine does however belong to the large quartz family, with a range of colours and structures, meaning there are lots of variations to choose from.  Citrine is usually given as a gift for the 13th and 17th anniversary.

What is Citrine?

Citrine’s name comes from ‘the yellow of the lemon’ and has some positive attributes that make it extremely attractive to buyers. Due to Citrine being crystal quartz’s, it has an exterior which is fairly resistant to scratches, as it has a Mohs scale hardness of 7.  Citrine has many homes and has been found in Russia, Madagascar and Brazil. Each location has a different type of Citrine due to different climates.

Not only is it beautiful but Citrine has a lot of myth and magic associated with it. It’s believed to help keep certain parts of the body healthy, like the heart, liver and kidneys. It’s also rumoured to have creative qualities that promote creativity
within the wearer and helps with personal clarity.

It’s thought that the Romans may have been the first to wear Citrine as jewellery. It would be highly polished yet unfaceted. The Citrine is also the chosen gem for two higher beings, Demeter the Greek goddess of harvest and Sekmet an Egyptian goddess of war.

9 Carat Gold Cushion Cut Citrine Solitaire Ring

The Topaz Gemstone

If you’re unfamiliar with Citrine, you will have definitely heard of Topaz, it’s available in a range of colours but the one most associated with November is the yellow topaz. Yellow Topaz is given as a gift on the 23rd anniversary, whereas the blue Topaz is given on the 4th anniversary.

What is Topaz?

Topaz is a type of mineral and is naturally found in colours of pink, purple, browns, orange, yellows and pale blue; the rarest coloured Topaz is red. However the most valuable kind is the Imperial Topaz, which has a beautiful shade of golden yellow. The deeper the hues of orange and red the more valuable it becomes.

The name Topaz has been rumoured to derive from the island of Topazos in the Red Sea, where yellowish gems were found by the Romans. Other cultures such as the Egyptians said they were coloured by the sun god Ra and would protect them against harm, others believe that its name comes from a word meaning Fire (more specifically the yellow topaz).

The gem itself is associated with good heath and a clear mind. It is also seen as a gem that promotes strength and wisdom, ensuring those who wear it will feel confident and be filled with courage.

Where Can I Discover Topaz?

The beautiful stone can be found in many locations, with Brazil being the largest producer of Topaz. It can also be found in Russia, Scotland, China and others.

Sterling Silver Fancy Emerald Cut Lemon Topaz Pendant

If you know someone whose birthday is in November or you have an anniversary coming up, why not see our selection of Citrine and Topaz jewellery, there’s sure to be something to treat that special someone.