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You Can Now Buy Jewellery With Cryptocurrency! Buy Jewellery With Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Monero

Buy jewellery with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero

Jollys Jewellers are proud to announce that we have now implemented cryptocurrency as a checkout option, offering even more flexibility for our customers in an ever-evolving market.

It’s estimated that around 4% of the UK population own some form of cryptocurrency, an ever-growing and fast-paced industry. Whereas some see cryptocurrency as an investment in the future, the fact remains that it is still a currency and is becoming increasingly more usable across retail and eCommerce sectors. That’s why we have decided to put the necessary investment in place to ensure we can accept cryptocurrency as a payment method via our website, initially accepting Bitcoin, Etherereum, Litecoin and Monero as an alternative to PayPal or credit/debit card.

How do I use Cryptocurrency to pay for Jewellery?

We have added the option to our checkout just like we have finance options, PayPal, card transactions and our Lay-away plans. When you’ve added the items you would like to you basket and are done shopping, you can find the option at checkout under “Cryptocurrency”. From there you can select the currency you would like to pay in and place your order.

There is no limit on how much you can spend via Cryptocurrency and because there is no third party involvement like from a bank, there’s no reason a transaction would decline so long as you have the funds available in the form of the cryptocurrency you select.

Once you click place order, our website automatically calculates the price in your selected cryptocurrency depending on the exchange rate at that time. Orders will stay open for 2 hours to ensure you have enough time to transfer the amount to our wallet where our systems will automatically detect your transactions and move your order to processing.

As you can see below, our cryptocurrency checkout has a simple 1 click copy button so you can copy across the exact amount and wallet address straight into your own wallet to deposit your funds. Please ensure to send across the exact amount, regardless of fluctuations, our systems automatically detect the price at that time and update the value every 15 minutes. It’s looking for the exact transaction it specifies to ensure it can match up your payment to your order.

If all that has been done correctly, you should receive confirmation of your order within minutes. Should anything go wrong or you’re not quite sure how to transfer cryptocurrency from one wallet to ours, please get in touch with a member of the team who will be more than happy to help with the transaction.

What are the benefits of buying jewellery with cryptocurrency?

Using cryptocurrency removes the needs for banking fees. When purchasing online, banks and other payment gateways usually take a fee, they can also charge the customer for purchasing goods of a certain value if oversea’s or the conversion rate is heavily undervalued meaning international customers end up paying more in their native currency when purchasing goods from abroad. Cryptocurrency removes these fee’s ensuring the cost to purchase is lower for customers and ourselves.

Finally, cryptocurrency is something that a lot of people have used as an investment. Should you be fortunate enough to have invested money in cryptocurrency and seen a positive return, you may be looking to make a large purchase but don’t want to pay the fee’s or wait time to withdraw your cryptocurrency to a bank or to your native currency. As we now accept payments via this method, there is no longer a wait and no fee’s for withdrawal. Simply use our option at checkout and you could receive your jewellery the very next day.


Is Using Cryptocurrency safe?

Yes, our automated system will not only detect your transaction but so long as you copy our wallet address and purchase amount, your funds will arrive safely. We also pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service so should you have any worries, a member of our team will be on hand to help.

Along with this, cryptocurrency doesn’t require your banking information and there are less security risks with sending your funds to a wallet than there is using a credit/debit card online.

What If I Purchase Via Cryptocurrency But Want A Refund?

As with all transactions, we offer a 14 days no questions asked returns policy. Should you purchase something with cryptocurrency, we would refund that exact amount back upon arrival of your return.

Cryptocurrency fluctuates in price, if you made a purchase of £999 at the equivalent value of 1 ETH for example, we would refund 1 ETH regardless of the worth on that day. Just as we would with any other currency, we would refund the amount you’ve paid in the currency you paid.

Can I Pay Half In Cryptocurrency & Half Via Credit/Debit Card?

We would prefer for any transaction to be done via a single method however, we can make exceptions. Say you have X amount of Bitcoin and X amount of Ethereum, you could get in touch to discuss how to pay for an item via a combination of both.

This also applies to other payment methods. If you wanted to pay X amount of the balance with a cryptocurrency and X amount via PayPal/Bank Transfer, please get in touch with a member of team who would be happy to help.

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