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Autumn Inspired Jewellery

Autumn is the perfect time to update your wardrobe for the upcoming colder months. As the seasons begin to change, so do colour trends and styles so why not mix up your jewellery to match! Grab some beautiful and bright gemstones to add pops of colour or be inspired by beautiful autumn flowers. We’ve put together an Autumn Inspired Jewellery Guide to inspire your jewellery box and bring a little sunshine to those darker and colder days.

Lovely Leaves

Leaf and foliage designs are currently a very popular trend and were a big hit on the runway so there’s no better time to wear these designs then in Autumn. As a specialist in fine and vintage jewellery, we couldn’t resist putting these wonderful Vintage leaf stud earrings into our collection, they each have a garnet gemstone that will capture the light of the sun perfectly and give of a wonderful shine.

Charms are also making a comeback and we have a lovely four leaf clover charm that we hope will bring you tons of good luck. Four leaf clovers are very rare to find, which makes this a wonderful gift idea for those rare and wonderful people in our lives. Each leaf has a different representation, the first is for faith, the second is for hope, third for love and of course the fourth leaf is for luck.

Autumn Jewellery, Leaf Jewellery

Jewellery Left to Right: Vintage 9ct Leaf Stud Earrings, Pandora Four Leaf Clover Charm

Popping Purple

Amethysts have gorgeous shades of purple; they match those colourful evening skies and are perfect for adding a little colour into your day. There are some beautiful purple flowers that bloom in the Autumn that have inspired our choice of jewellery.

Can you ever get enough of butterflies? They’re simply beautiful to look at and this gorgeous butterfly pendant is a lovely statement piece that can be worn day or night, with its playful pops of pink and purple, the pendant is a delicate piece, suitable for any age.

Although butterflies go into hibernation during the colder months, there’s nothing better than a butterfly to remind us of those warmer summer days. Keep an eye out for Red Admirals in the autumn months!

Autumn Jewellery, Purple Jewellery

Jewellery Left to Right: Gemstone Butterfly Pendant, Emerald Cut Amethyst Ring

Roaring Red

Red tones are perfect for Autumn, have your jewellery blend perfectly when the leaves start to fall from the trees and all the wonderful shades of red, browns and yellows start appearing. The Garnet is a beautiful gem that comes in almost every colour except blue!

If you’re looking for a special gift, the Garnet is perfect for a friend or loved one as it represents loyalty and affection. They’re reminiscent of pomegranates and have rich, beautiful tones that suit this time of year perfectly.

If you’re after something a little more subtle but with a hint of charm and personality, we’ve picked out a wonderful garnet ring with a decorative exterior that’s full of character.

Jewellery Left to Right: Garnet & Marcasite Floral Cluster Ring, Pear Drop Garnet Earrings

Good as Gold

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the trends popping up from Milan’s Fashion Week, you may have noticed hooped earrings are bang on trend, but not just any hooped earring, curved and twisting hoop earrings and of course, the bigger the hoop, the better.

We have some beautiful twisted hooped earrings that have a stunning gold finish. Suitable for day or night, hooped earrings are a really wonderful look if you have long hair and want to show off your jewellery.

When it comes to gemstones, there are so many, it’s worth really exploring the different types of gemstones available.

The Rubellite gemstone has a similar appearance to a Ruby, but is much rarer. A rubellite is a variety of tourmaline and offers a beautiful range of red, pink and purple tones that will pop and shine in the autumn sun.

It’s a very romantic stone and one to easily fall in love with, it’s the perfect stone to choose if you’re looking for something extra special.

gold hoop earrings and marquise ring

Jewellery Left to Right: 9ct Gold Rope Effect Patterned Hoop Earrings, Marquise Rubelite Diamond Ring

Gorgeous Grape

Deep and rich purple tones are a wonderful choice of colour this autumn, be inspired by colourful flowers that appear in the autumn time. The Callicarpa Profusion is a beautiful flower that is a brilliant purple and has inspired our next jewellery choices.

With foliage and leaf designs being a big hit on the runaway, this beautiful gold and ruby pendant inspired our next choice.

The ruby is a very durable gemstone and will withstand those cold wintery days but will still continue to shine and shimmer. Rubies are also a symbol of everlasting love and passion which make them a great gift idea.

Amethysts and gold go perfectly together and we love the Celtic design that really brings these wonderful drop earrings to life. There’s something almost fantasy-like about these earrings and we love them.

If you’re unfamiliar with Celtic jewellery designs, they’re enriched with history and tradition that there’s a design to suit everyone. Some of the most recognised symbols within Celtic jewellery are; the Celtic knot, the Claddagh and the Trinity knot.

amethyst jewellery


Jewellery Left to Right: Celtic Pear Amethyst Drop Earrings, Vintage 9ct Ruby Leaf Brooch

Perfect Pearls

Pearls have also been a favourite on some of the runways this year and we agree the delicate and beautiful pearl has a place all year round but especially in autumn as it can be mixed and matched with different colours or worn by itself for a classic look.

Autumn flowers such as Baby’s Breath and Freesia, are wonderful plants that have delicate petals, reminiscent of the pearls surface.

Our jewellery choices is this simple yet elegant white hold pearl ring, with accents of diamonds, it’s a beautiful piece that can be worn with a formal and casual outfit.

Apart from yellow and white gold, rose gold is perfect for the autumn months; it blends perfectly with the changing of the leaves and has a wonderful warm tone that transforms jewellery. These gorgeous earrings have a lovely blend of all three metals which gently hold a single pearl.

Jewellery Left to Right: 18ct White Gold, Peach Pearl Pendant, Pearl Ring with Diamond Accents

How to Style your Autumn Jewellery

As the days get colder, our warmer clothes are our go-to clothing essentials, this may include, gloves, scarves, hats etc. Be careful not to accidentally remove rings or bracelets if you’re wearing gloves.

You may find some pieces are hidden away by coats and scarves, rings and earrings may be a better alternative to necklaces as these can always be on display, however if you do prefer to wear necklaces, opt for pieces that are high to the neck or long chains that can be placed over scarves and other clothing accessories.

If you’re looking for the perfect jewellery piece to complete your autumn collection, explore our jewellery today at JollysJewellers