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March Birthstone: The Aquamarine

18ct White Gold Aquamarine Solitaire & Diamond Ring March represents the start of Spring; a time when we can watch life and colour fill our view once more. It’s a time of calm and youth, very much like our next birthstone the Aquamarine. This beautiful birthstone is the essence of the sea and sky due to its light blue shades and deeper blue tones.

What is aquamrine

The Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family and its name comes from the Latin word ‘Aqua’ meaning water, which is clearly obvious from its beautiful blue tones. However although the Aquamarine is often light in tone, it can range from greenish blues and usually becomes a more intense colour in larger stones. The depth of the colour all depends on the amount of iron that’s found in the gems structure, which is why colours can vary.

50 shades of Aquarmine

The Aquamarine is a popular choice of gemstone as its shades of blue compliment almost any skin tone or eye colour and is associated with beauty, honesty and happiness. The pale blue colour is cool and breaths peace and tranquillity.

From the gemstones history, it was believed that the Aquamarine protected sailors and would guarantee them safe passage home. It’s also believed anyone that wears the gemstone will remain calm and level headed. As a healing crystal, Aquamarine is used to help release symptoms of stress and worry. The Romans also used Aquamarines as healing gems, which they believed cured medical problems with the liver, stomach and throat.

9Ct Yellow Gold Aquamarine Marquise Shaped Cluster Ring

Fun Facts!

  • Scorpio is the Zodiac sign for Aquamarine
  • The Aquamarine is mined in Brazil but can also be found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Mozambique and Pakistan,
  • Aquamarine is between a 7 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness
  • Traditionally the Aquamarine is given as a gift for a 19th wedding anniversary
  • The largest Aquamarine known to date is called ‘Hirsch Aquamarine’ which measured an incredible 109.92 carats!

The beautiful gemstone comes in a range of sizes and because of this it can be crafted into many items, mainly jewellery, including rings, pendants and earrings. Aquamarine is a perfect match with sterling silver or white gold due to the cool colours of the Aquamarine, it sets the light blue tones off giving a beautiful finish to any piece.

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