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Anniversary Jewellery – Jewellery Through Time


Anniversaries have been celebrated since the Roman Empire and it’s just as popular today. Traditionally it’s a time when you give and receive gifts from partners to remember and celebrate another year of marriage, although some may celebrate it more than others, it’s a beautiful time to look back and enjoy the memories made with the ones you love, below we’ve put together a modern milestone anniversary list, can you name them all?

1st Anniversary – Gold

Traditionally, the 1st anniversary is considered a paper anniversary or Clocks if you prefer the modern traditions. Gold has also been associated with the 1st anniversary, as gold is durable making it the perfect place to start at the beginning of your marriage. A perfect gift would be a beautiful gold watch, for him or for her.

18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Wishbone Cluster Ring

18ct Yellow Gold Diamond (0.40ct) Wishbone Cluster Ring (Size O) 14mm Widest, £499

5th Anniversary – Sapphire

If you go by the traditional list, Wood is the symbol for the 5th anniversary, however in the world of jewellery the 5th anniversary is best known for silver or sapphires. You can find Sapphires in many different colours; the classic choice for many is a Blue Sapphire, which is famous & obviously beautiful!

White Gold Sapphire Ring

9ct White Gold Simulated Sapphire w/Bagguette Diamond Accents (Size N 1/2) – £129

10th Anniversary – Diamond

One of the strongest gemstones around, the Diamond is also one of the most popular choice of gemstones and is usually a first choice for those getting engaged and married which is no reason to stop you from celebrating a wonderful 10 years of marriage with a diamond!

White Gold Chopard Happy Paved Diamond Cluster Ring

18ct White Gold Chopard Happy Paved Diamond(2.00ct) Cluster Ring(Size M) 12mm – £2,499

20th Anniversary – Emerald and Platinum

Known as the China year, the big 20 years is definitely one to celebrate. In the jewellery world, the 20th anniversary is usually celebrated through the Emerald or Platinum. Platinum is hard to tarnish and can resist daily wear and tear, naturally this symbolised strength and endurance to past cultures. The Emerald is rich in colour and is said to have been worn in the times of the Egyptians, a gemstone fit for royalty, it makes for the perfect gift.

Yellow Gold Emerald Four Leaf Clover Ring

9ct Yellow Gold Simulated Emerald & Diamond 4 Leaf Clover Cluster Ring (Size T) – £149

25th Anniversary – Sterling Silver (Silver Jubilee)

There is a huge range of beautiful sterling silver jewellery you’ll be spoilt for choice! Explore the options that are available to you, whether this is found in watches or jewellery, sterling silver represents aging gracefully, which we hope you both will do together.

Vintage Sterling Silver Curb Chain with Padlock

Vintage Sterling Silver 7.5″ Rounded Curb Link W/Heart Padlock (9mm Wide) – £69

30th Anniversary – Pearl Jubilee

Pearls are the pure essence of beauty, wealth and love, the fact that they are born in the depths of the oceans is romantic enough! In Chinese culture the pearl symbolises protection and has long been a prized possession by many cultures as they’re simply too beautiful to resist.

Vintage 9Carat Yellow Gold Pearl Tennis Bracelet

Vintage 9Carat Yellow Gold 8.5″ Pearl Tennis Bracelet 6mm Width – £99

40th Anniversary – Ruby & Garnet

Traditionally, the Ruby is a symbol of love and romance and so is the Garnet, both rich in deep reds, there both mesmerising gemstones that are full of life and personality. For your 40th anniversary, take a look into Ruby or Garnet jewellery, from rings to bracelets there’s a whole host of different ways to wear these beautiful gemstones.

9ct White Gold Ruby and Rose Quartz Cluster Ring

9ct White Gold Ruby & Rose Quartz Cluster Ring (Size S 1/2) 20x22mm – £99

50th Anniversary – Gold

Although Gold appears on the first anniversary, we also see it on the 50th! This is because Gold is strong, durable and has become a symbol of immortality. If you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary, we’ve no doubt it’s stronger than Gold.

18Ct Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire and Halo Cluster

18Ct Yellow Gold Diamond(1.13ct) Solitaire & Halo Cluster(0.43ct) Ring (Size K) – £4,499

If you’re celebrating an anniversary, take a look at our beautiful jewellery here at Jollys Jewellers, we have a huge selection of Antique, Vintage & new jewellery, ranging from rings to watches.