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6 Jewellery Tips for Your Jewellery Mistakes

We’ve put together 6 jewellery tips if you’re guilty of making some jewellery mistakes – but here’s how to make it right!

1. You’re not quite as jewellery savvy as you thought – Learn a little before you buy!

If you’ve ever walked in a jewellery store and realised you’re only familiar with a handful of gemstones and metal types, we recommend you read up before purchasing jewellery. There are so many different types of gems and metals it can all be too much if you’re new to buying jewellery or just looking for something different.

Also, if you’re not familiar with a particular gemstone, you could end up purchasing something that’s extremely delicate and wear it in the wrong circumstances. Next time you’re considering a purchase ensure you understand how to take care of the gemstone and metal, so you get the most from your jewellery.

Of course, wherever you go to purchase jewellery, the jewellers will always help and give you advice, but it’s nice to know a little before jumping into the deep end, it will also help eliminate gems and metals that aren’t quite what you want.

White Gold Princess Diamond Solitaire Ring

2. You shower and / or swim with your jewellery on – Remember to take them off before!

Whether you’re on holiday or taking a dip at the local swimming pool, wearing your jewellery in chlorine waters can seriously damage your fine jewellery. Precious metals and gemstones that are exposed to chlorine and salt water can begin to degrade – especially gold!

Other precious gems such as Pearls are incredibly delicate that even the smallest of wear and tear can create subtle scratches on the surface. So avoid wearing them when showering, washing up and any activities that mainly include the use of your hands – however we strongly recommend wearing them on special nights out where you can show off your beautiful jewellery!

Cherish your jewellery and remember to remove or leave them at home if you’re away on holiday, no one wants to lose or damage their fine jewellery, never to wear them again.

3. You’ve never insured your fine jewellery! – There’s many options to choose from

We hear stories all the time of jewellery being stolen, going missing and being damaged and we always think it will never happen to us – but what if?

Some pieces of jewellery are simply irreplaceable, so it’s always worth investigating the options you have to keep those precious pieces safe, in case something does go bad.Although personal items such as jewellery may be covered in most home insurance policies, they’re may be a limit to how much you can claim – leaving you out of pocket. Especially if it’s something truly personal such as wedding ring, ensuring you have a second option if anything goes wrong will save you in the future.

This is also a good start to go and have your jewellery valued. For example, as the price of gold fluctuates regularly your jewellery may be worth more than you realise!

Yellow Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring

4. You rarely clean your jewellery – Do it at home or have it cleaned professionally

If you’re guilty of rarely (or never) cleaning your jewellery – don’t panic. Most metals and gemstones are fairly simple to clean; some even just need a soft cloth and gentle soap.

Through daily wear your jewellery will gather dirt which can begin to slowly damage precious gems and metals, especially if you’ve paid good money for a piece of jewellery, it’s always a good idea to clean your pieces every 6 months. If you’re unsure how to clean your jewellery, as some gems need a more delicate clean than others, by taking them to your local jewellers you can have them cleaned and polished professionally and have them looking brand new!

By having them cleaned by professionals, we can begin to see any damage that is taking shape and ensure gemstones are held in securely and give your jewellery the TLC it needs.

Here is a quick guide to cleaning some jewellery metals at home


Rose Gold




What you need

Dish SoapSalt, Baking Soda and Dish SoapBaking SodaDish SoapMild dish soap

How to clean

Add a few drops of the dish soap to warm water and soak for 15 minutes. Gently scrub with a soft bristle brush after soaking.Mix together in a bowl of water and soak for 5 minutes. Dry off carefully with a soft clothCleaning Silver with Baking Soda is one option, but it is recommended having Silver clean professionally, so not to scratch the surface.Soak for about 20-40 minutes and gently brush with a soft toothbrush and rinse with water.Scrub gemstones very gently with a soft toothbrush, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.

5. You’re wearing rings that are the wrong size – They’re easily re-sizable!

If you’ve received a ring from a family member or purchased a piece and it doesn’t fit, whether it’s too big or too small it can be resized! Take it to your local jeweller and let them do the rest.

There’s no need to wear jewellery that doesn’t fit, as they can either fall off and disappear or be very uncomfortable to wear.

6. Your jewellery is all thrown together – Get creative with how to store your jewellery

Ever picked up your favourite necklace to find it’s tangled between 3 other chains? Things like this can happen all the time when we don’t store our jewellery properly, they can get ruined very easily and potentially break.

There are so many easy jewellery storage hacks on the internet, there’s no need to break the bank over it. Examples such as slipping chains and necklaces through straws can remove the possibility of any tangles! Or using a piece of material that you can pierce your earrings onto would make a lovely display and keep the front and backs of your earrings together.

We always advise storing jewellery properly, as just like different gems and metals need different ways of cleaning, they also need different ways of being stored. Pearls again have delicate surfaces and should be placed in a soft pouch away from other jewellery pieces.

Rose Gold Garnet and Diamond Halo Cluster Ring

If you have any helpful jewellery tips that you want to share, get social with us and let us know! Or if you’re looking for professional jewellery services, see what we can do and how we can help.